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‘Video leak’ Row: Chandigarh University Protests Flared Up, Two People From Himachal Detained, and Other Details

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Massive student demonstrations in Chandigarh University following “rumors” that inappropriate films of multiple female hostel guests had been captured by a roommate and spread online led to the deployment of substantial police forces, which transformed Chandigarh University into something like a fortress. Police have detained a total of three persons, along with the accused girl pupil and two guys from Himachal Pradesh.

Around 4 p.m. on Saturday, just several girls in the LC-3 hostel came forward to the warden with an allegation, accusing the student of recording a video whilst she was in the restroom. On social media, a short video purporting to show the warden reprimanding the girl child for capturing the event has also gained a lot of attention.

Numerous students demonstrated just outside of the dormitory later that evening, calling for the convicted student to be punished and given justice. After losing control of the situation, university administrators called the cops, who showed up on campus and attempted to calm the protesting students. In the meantime, two students who thought the suspected girl students were filming them passed into unconsciousness and were transported by ambulance to the civic center in Ghauran.

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The students became increasingly agitated following this and, somewhere around 2.30 am, they transferred the demonstration to the toll booth on the Ludhiana expressway, where they persisted there till 4 am. The police arrested the guilty student in the wee hours.

On Sunday, Further Protests Broke Out

On Sunday morning, additional police officers were stationed on campuses to stop any potentially dangerous incidents. The campus’ entrances were also locked. preventing everyone from entering the school, except media personnel, who were also required to show identification cards.

Nevertheless, the police made an effort to calm the students by claiming that the alleged student had been taken into custody. They asserted that she filed a report, shared just her private recordings with her when she was in Shimla, and how they had not discovered any disturbing content of other students interacting with the guilty pupils. Around 4 o’clock, the agitated students started protesting again since they didn’t believe them.

No Evidence of Suicide

Speaking to the kids, DIG GS Bhullar said that “implicit faith is important” and “law is being followed” to calm them down. The Deputy Commissioner for Mohali stated that there hadn’t been any reports of suicide up to this point.

Demands of Students

However, after receiving guarantees from the Chandigarh University administration that their three requests would be met, the students decided to put a stop to their protest at roughly 1.30 am on Monday. The requests state that the case would be updated for a ten-member student council, the involved hostel warden will be dismissed, and the ladies’ accommodation will be checked.

The university administration has also promised to repair any student cellphones that were damaged during the protests. The restroom doors of the girls’ dormitories would indeed be changed. The college won’t reopen until September 24.

Two Held From Himachal Pradesh

About the allegedly leaked inappropriate recordings of the Chandigarh University female hostellers, one man was arrested and the other was apprehended on Sunday.

Pankaj Verma, 31, was the person who was taken into custody. Sunny Mehta, the other apprehended suspect, has been named. Both were apprehended by a group led by Dr. Monika, the Shimla SP, and turned over to the Punjab Police from the Dhalli and Rohur police stations, respectively.

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