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Full Video of Prison Guard Linda De Sousa Abreu Engaged in Sexual Act with a Prisoner Inside HMP Wandsworth Jail Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

A prison guard identified as Linda De Sousa Abreu who was a former swinger was filmed having sex with an inmate and found herself in big trouble with questions being raised about the breach in security in the HMP Wandsworth jail in south-west London, which also saw the high-profile escape of a terrorist on trial in the past.

The prison guard who was filmed having sex with the inmate had formerly appeared on Channel 4’s documentary about threesomes and orgies.

Linda De Sousa Abreu and her husband appeared in the documentary of Channel 4’s “Open House: The Great Sex Experiment.”

As the name suggests, the series envisages couples pushing the boundaries of their relationships at a luxury country escape. The series was telecast last year.

This information was given by the sister of the prison officer, who is named Linda De Sousa Abreu, 31.

Prison Guard Linda De Sousa Abreu Engaged in Sexual Act with a Prisoner Inside HMP Wandsworth Jail

Linda is now facing a police investigation for having sex with a prison inmate while on duty.

The prison guard has quit her job after the controversy.

Linda’s sister, Andreina, told Daily Mail that she had warned her sibling not to mix her professional and private life, and she is now paying for her follies.

Linda also has an explicit OnlyFans account.

Linda’s OnlyFans bio reads:

“I am a happily married sexy Latina who wants to share hot content with you. Experience my real life, real love, real sex, and real orgasms! I have built up a big community on my own social media – I preach fitness and God – but when her fans found her, they found me and they were sending me messages and I was blocking everyone because it’s not something I wanted to be associated with.”

Linda’s sister, Andreina talking about her appearance in the explicit show,

“She’s a swinger. She was on a Channel Four program called Open House. I never saw it. It’s not the sort of thing I’d watch with my little sister in.”

The full video clip, which is explicit and has since gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, shows Linda De Sousa Abreu in her uniform engaging in sex with an unidentified prison inmate inside the Category A jail named HMP Wandsworth situated in south-west London.

Linda’s sister also revealed that she was unaware that Linda was working as a prison guard and became aware of it only at the start of this year.

Andreina added in her statement,

“All I can say is that I’m a firm believer in God and Linda gave herself to the wrong lifestyle, 100 percent, and now she’s suffering the consequences unfortunately, which has fallen down on her husband, our parents, and myself.”

The footage allegedly seemed to have been filmed by a friend, who could be heard saying,

“Guys, we’ve made history, this is what I’m telling you.”

Netizens React To The Incident

Despite the seriousness of the security breach at a jail that has been in existence since 1851, netizens on social media found humor in the situation. Check out some of the funniest tweets:

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