Video of Belgian YouTuber YaNike throwing sh*t on people in train sparks controversy 

Controversial Belgian YouTuber YaNike sparks outrage with viral train prank videos, facing arrest and public backlash.

YaNike, a controversial YouTuber from Belgium, is known for employing bizarre tactics to gain attention and clicks on his social media platforms. He has once again made headlines across the globe with a viral clip showing him spreading fecal matter on people in a train. The act has gone viral on the internet, prompting demands for strict action against him. Recently, such acts by YouTubers have escalated, causing distress in public places.

Video of Belgian YouTuber YaNike throwing sh*t on people in train goes viral 

According to news reports, YaNike has been arrested by the police, but this prankster has engaged in many such pranks before. In the past, he has thrown paint, food, water, beer, and dog feces on people in public transport.

In some of his videos, he can also be seen mixing strange substances before executing his pranks. Reddit has numerous threads discussing his penchant for such pranks, as it grabs maximum public attention.

The exact details of his arrest have not been revealed to the public. Whether he will be sentenced or released on bail remains unknown. Additionally, he has created approximately five videos of this nature in the past, featuring him mixing various substances before throwing them on the public.

According to news reports, two complaints have already been filed against him in the prosecutor’s office. One complaint was from a victim who experienced YaNike throwing a mixture of oil and dog poop on him, while the other was filed by STIB, a public transportation company in Brussels.”

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