Video of Female Students Unbraiding Teacher JaQ Lee’s Hair Goes Viral; School Terminates Him

JaQ Lee is a famous science teacher who is quite active in TikTok. However, he faced termination from his institution after a video shared by him went viral all over social media, reported The Shade Room.

In the video JaQ Lee posted, female students could be spotted unbraiding his hair. Lee explained that he needed his hair to be unbra ded quickly as he had an urgent post-school appointment. 

Furthermore, he elaborated in the video why he had asked his students to help him out instead of unbraiding his hair himself. 

Lee said, “I didn’t have time to do it all by myself because it would’ve taken me forever, so, naturally, I asked about four or five of over 100 best friends to assist me in taking my hair out, and they all agreed.

What JaQ Lee Said?

The science teacher added that if he were a female teacher then he wouldn’t have got inappropriate comments and reactions on the video like “Oh this is weird, this is inappropriate.”

Then JaQ Lee added that according to his perception, there is nothing weird or wrong about the female students unbraiding a male teacher’s hair. 

People added that this incident was quite intimate. However, the science teacher clarified that to him, it was just his hair. Thus, there is no point in taking it as a weird thing. He added that netizens think it’s weird as they have never witnessed cool teachers in their lives. 

When the video went viral on a video sharing platform, the science teacher received both criticism and support. 

According to Times Now, one netizen showed support by saying, “This hurts my heart so bad this man needs his job back asap !!! Jaq lee, if you’re seeing this stay strong it’s teachers like you who made me who I am today.”

However, another netizen wrote, “This is 1000 percent inappropriate, male or female, it doesn’t matter. You are a professional, this is a profession and this is not professional behavior.”

Recently, during an Instagram live, Cardi B also came forward to share her thoughts on this incident. She defended the science teacher, JaQ Lee, and stated that she does not believe that this incident led to JaQ Lee getting terminated.

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