WATCH VIDEO: Viral Livestream Drama; Former Howard Stern Show Employee Elisa Jordana Arrested After On-Camera Altercation With Boyfriend

The clip is quite disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised.

Elisa Jordana, a former employee of The Howard Stern Show, has become a hot topic in the media due to a viral YouTube clip. The clip is currently trending across the internet. In the video, she is seen having an altercation with a man while driving a car.

Initially, it appeared to be a normal conversation, but it later escalated into a full-fledged fight. It reaches a point where she can be seen hitting the man multiple times during the livestream.

Elisa Jordana’s Livestream Fight With Boyfriend Goes Viral

The video is spreading like wildfire across the internet. A popular subreddit, r/publicfreakout, titled ‘Former Howard Stern Employee fights with paypig,’ has reached over 5,000 votes in a short period.

According to TimesNow, the fight occurred while she was doing a livestream in her car in Palm Beach, Florida.

The man in the video is her alleged boyfriend, Zscorro.

After the video went viral, she was taken into police custody and charged with felony battery.

While talking to the media, Elisa Jordana revealed it was the second worst day of her life, losing my dog Kermit. “Lost everything in a day.”

According to her statement, she found out her boyfriend had given money to a woman named Sara. Apparently, he was having an affair with her. During the livestream, when she brought up Sara’s name, things took a different turn.

In the clip, she threatens to leak Sara’s nude photos, to which her boyfriend tries to stop the fight, but things start to escalate. Till now, no statement has been made from Zscorro’s side.

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