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Viral Video: ‘Oilers Girl’ Kait Flashes Fans During The Game and Becomes The Good Luck Charm

Kait is the topic of the internet to talk about right now, and it all happened because of what went down in a hockey game. So, the Edmonton Oilers team was in play, and fans were excited to see what was going on.

‘Oilers Girl’ Kait Flashes Fans During The Game

Meanwhile, Kait had a moment where she flashed her chest wide open in front of people. This made people more excited than the game. Kait was not known when this happened, so people on the internet gave her the nickname of “Oilers Girl.” When Kait performed the stunt, lots of cameras were on her, and some of them captured the whole thing and posted that online.

People started sharing the video on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and were pretty excited to see Kait supporting the team like that.

Kait received hate and love comments about her move at the same time.

To reply to the hate, Kait said,

“I just wanted to say, you could be the most perfect, godly fcking person in the world. You could save kittens from the river if they were drowning. Someone’s still going to hate you… So you know what? I got drunk and whipped my t*ts out at an Oilers game and they went viral? F*ck you if you don’t like it.”

After the video and everything went viral on Twitter and Reddit, Kait started getting offers from adult sites to join them, but Kait kept refusing. Up until Kait received an offer from Playboy magazine, Kait jumped right in at the offer.

Now, just before the Stanley Cup playoffs, Kait joined as an official Playboy team member who was supporting the Oilers, and she became the good luck charm of the team.

It is widely believed so because the Oilers were not playing well, but when Kait joined the team, they did better and now have their name up the number charts, and things are looking well for the team members and the hardcore fans right now.

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