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VIRAL VIDEO: Nashville Police Officer Sean Herman Arrested After Appearing In OnlyFans Video

Nashville police officer Sean Herman has been arrested after appearing in an OnlyFans video and has been charged with two counts of felony official misconduct.

As you might be aware, OnlyFans is an adult site, and Sean Herman participated in the skit while on duty as a patrol officer.

Sean Herman, a former Nashville police officer, was on duty on April 26 when he took part in a skit for OnlyFans.

Sean Herman’s Viral Onlyfans Video

He could be seen groping a woman in the viral video, and since he was in the full uniform of a patrol officer his squad car was behind him.

Herman was fired from his service, and an investigation was ordered by Chief John Drake, which resulted in his indictment.

Police officials found out that Sean Herman was in the Madison area to film the video, which was the same precinct he covered as a patrol officer.

It was revealed that Herman was invited to do the skit in which he identifies himself as “Officer Johnson” before being asked to reach for the woman’s breasts.

The video also briefly shows Sean Herman’s shoulder, and the Metro Nashville logo is visible.

Herman was involved in confrontations with fellow officers in the past, and his latest use of profanity led to his firing from the job since he was already on a “Last Chance” agreement.

After his arrest, a criminal court fixed a bond of $3000 and he was released early Friday.

The video was first posted by a woman under the title “Can’t believe he didn’t arrest me”. The woman whose name was Jordin was driving the vehicle. The video starts with a man in the passenger seat telling the woman he was sure she will be pulled over for driving fast.

The man who is probably shooting the video then pans the camera from the back windshield where a white squad car is seen. Jordin tells the man she will not be booked and she is going to show her breasts to the patrol officer.

Moments later the Patrol officer approaches the driver’s side door and introduces himself as “Officer Johnson of PD.” He is then seen reaching into the car and groping the woman’s breasts and then suggestively grabbing his crotch.

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