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WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Terrell Lewis Runs Away From Mia Mercy After Promising Her Money For Sex

Terrell Lewis is a well-known football player, and he’s all over the internet right now. He’s viral currently, but for the wrong reasons that no one would ever want to be famous for. So, Terrell apparently hooked up with model Mia Mercy and promised her money afterward.

Terrell Lewis Runs Away From Mia Mercy

They went into an agreement that he would be giving her money after they had a consensual physical relationship. However, Terrell made a quick exit after it was done and ran off from Mia from the hotel room.

Mia was quick to tape the whole thing, and she posted the video of him running away from the room. The video was short but still grabbed attention online.

Mia literally posted the video online and did not hesitate to tag all the associations connected with Terrell. She added the caption, “We’ve got a runner, ladies & gentlemen @Real24 RUN ME MY MFN MONEY. @Eagles @NFL @NFLonFOX @MikeClayNFL @CoachNuss @CoachStoutland @CoachSings @Coach_KMcDonald @CoachEDickerson”.

Mia Mercy is well-known for her adult content on OnlyFans.

Mia uses the ID “cybergirlmia,” through which she tends to post content on her adult account.

When she posted the video online, people were quickly talking about it.

That short video also led to loads of conversation and something to have a laugh about online.

The video got different reactions from people. Some thought that Terrell has always been like that, and some made it out as a joke considering that it was too early and unexpected for Terrell to have back-to-back cardio sessions like that.

The video, which included Terrell Lewis running away from Mia Mercy after he promised to give her money, has not been taken down from Twitter.

People are still able to access the clip, and that is currently the talk and the reason behind the laughter in the online community for the time being.

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