New Viral Video of UNJA Presma Surface in Media, Outrages Netizens

Jambi University (UNJA) students are again in the news, but this time for the wrong reasons.

The internet was abuzz with talks about a dirty video of the former UNJA Presma, which soon went viral.

Netizens React to Alleged Viral UNJA Presma Video

The video led to a sudden burst of comments by angry netizens who proclaimed their disapproval.

Social media is full of angry comments from netizens about the video. However, there is also a section that feels the whole incident is a hoax.

This can be gauged from a comment by a netizen who goes by the name @mun_sakti 1 day ago:

“Don’t spread hoax news, bro, just show the video,” he commented on the Instagram account.

Another netizen, said that if there is an incident which is shameful, a number of people will comment upon it but many will prefer to keep quiet.

Some netizens censured people who have made caustic comments and contended that it is not a good precedent to spread other people’s disgrace.

“Oh my God…don’t disgrace people. Dismantle the rubbish,” commented another netizen.

The news first appeared on, with the title “Allegedly Former UNJA Presma Made Lots of ‘Delicious Yank’ Videos, Pink Blanket Becomes Silent Witness” and soon spread like wildfire.

Looking closely, it seems the scene in the video happened in a room, but it is not clear whether it is a boarding house, a house, or an inn.

However, on closer look, it seems the room is a woman’s room judging by the presence of dolls, a woman’s bag, and a pink blanket as a silent witness in the video. One Indonesian media outlet’s investigation also revealed that the two protagonists in the video both studied at UNJA.

The Other Side Of The Story

However, in a strange twist, Former UNJA Student President, KN, has made a complaint regarding the viral video of himself to the Sub-Directorate V Cyber Crime of the Jambi Regional Police’s Criminal Investigation Department on Saturday. The complainant came with his attorney to make a complaint report as a victim of the viral or circulating video.

Detailing the turn of events, the victim said that his cellphone was serviced at SID in Jambi City on April 20. However, after some time, the cellphone had problems again and was returned there for service again on May 2. The complainant suspects that the video was accessed illegally or had unauthorized access, which had previously been serviced at SID in Jambi City. The attorney of the complainant also revealed that the victim and the woman in the video are husband and wife.

KN Abdurrahman, the complainant’s attorney, said, “We also want to clarify; our clients are husband and wife. So there should be no confusing information or reports. They are husband and wife, the video is a normal video if it is husband and wife, and what is not normal is the one who spreads it. If the video was made by husband and wife, that is normal,”

KN Abdurrahman also revealed that the videos were taken in August 2023 and January 2024, and his clients were already married in January 2023.

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