10 Virat Kohli Beard Styles for a Sexy Look in 2024

Explore 10 Virat Kohli beard styles for a sexy look in 2024, showcasing a range of dynamic and stylish facial hair trends.

We might know Virat Kohli for a lot of reasons, some of them being, leading RCB, former captain of the Indian cricket team, his celebratory moves on the field, the famous meme where we were seen relishing chole batture, his relationship with Anushka Sharma, or because of him fanboy attitude in front of Dhoni. But one thing we don’t really take a bow on is his fashion sense. Today we’re going to highlight just that because he got his style game up to date! Here are 10 Virat Kohli beard styles for you to try out.

10 Virat Kohli Beard Styles

1. Mustache and Beard

One of Virat Kohli’s beard styles is a full mustache, which has a certain elegance. It’s crucial to make sure the length of the mustache complements the beard. Your ability to leave a memorable impression is enhanced by this trendy beard style.

Virat Kohli Beard Styles

2. Faded Goatee

When done correctly, the goatee is a trendy beard style that radiates refinement. Virat played the game for a while before experimenting with a slight goatee beard look. Although maintaining Virat Kohli’s unique beard style can be difficult and time-consuming, it’s worth a try if you want to look well-groomed.

Virat Kohli Beard

3. Stubble It Like Virat

If you want to look well-groomed, use a classic stubble. This specific Virat Kohli beard style, one of his most well-liked and uncomplicated picks, perfectly matches a short hairdo.

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Virat Kohli Long Beard

4. Minimalistic French Beard

This classy beard style features precisely groomed lateral edges and volume around the chin and mustache area. It is not necessary to grow a thick beard. Virat has tried a wide variety of beard styles, but this French beard style sticks out as a great option.

Virat Kohli French Cut

5. Ampliphate The Jawline

Virat Kohli’s specific beard style is well-liked. It comprises a full beard that is expertly groomed with distinct lines around the cheekbones and jawline to draw attention.

Ampliphate The Jawline

6. Faded Mustache

A common look is a whole goatee paired with a mustache. Virat Kohli has a history of making daring grooming decisions. He experimented with growing a full goatee and a detached mustache, and he did a fantastic job of pulling it off.

Faded Mustache

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7. Mid Stubble

Many males are currently sporting this beard style. This can be a good option if you desire to maintain a long, thick beard. Virat Kohli has a variety of beard styles, but the medium stubble beard style is one of the most popular choices right now.

Mid Stubble

8. Minimalistic Stubble Look

Kohli would frequently be spotted sporting this particular style during a time when he liked a more minimalistic appearance and was not especially fond of dense, heavy-set beards.

Minimalistic Stubble Look

9. Basic Ducktail

Men today are looking for fashionable solutions for grooming. This specific beard style is well-liked and regarded as stylish. Being a trendsetter, Virat Kohli pulls off every hair and beard style with ease.

Best Virat Kohli Beard Styles

10. Classy Corporate Beard Style

Consider attempting this business beard style if you want to project a neat and polished image. It entails separating the side beard hair clearly, sweeping it upward, and wearing it with a substantial goatee.

Classy Corporate Beard Style

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