10+ Best Virgo Tattoo Ideas To Get ‘The Lady’ Inked On Your Body

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Virgo tattoo just like other zodiac sign tattoos is extremely popular. Virgo belongs to the Earth sign. Historically, they are represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. This is the reason why Virgos like to live in the material world. When it comes to their characteristics they are logical, practical, and systematic towards their goal as well as life. They are perfectionists from the heart and are not afraid to admit their mistakes so that they can improve their skills. They are quite diligent and consistent when it comes to practicing their skills. It is believed they are ruling the digestive system making these earth signs making them adaptive towards any ingredients that make up food. 

Virgo sign is governed by Mercury – a messenger planet of communication. Also, mercury also rules Gemini but these signs are very different. Gemini is more output and expressive whereas Virgo is input and processing. Virgos like to deal with information like a computer, changing any set of jumbled words into a much clear and more organized way. Virgos need to learn that flaws are not defects, they pressure themselves a lot to be perfect but no one is perfect we need to accept the imperfect so that it looks perfect. 

Virgos may look as uptight or critical, but deep down their Mercury ruler does denote a sweet and genuine side to their personality. They tend to love gossip, getting new information, and entertainment. Their mind is sharp, and bright making them great teacher and mentor. Virgos are considered to be great friends, they are 100% reliable.

Virgo Tattoo Ideas


Virgo the Maiden, also known as the Maiden or Virgin, is basically a naive, shy female carrying wheat or corn. It represents a symbol of harvest. Wheat is a common element in Virgo’s tattoo and is related to Maiden, the Goddess of Harvest. It marks the beginning of harvest time showing productivity and prosperity. 

Virgo Tattoo

Additionally, they are helpful. They are gentle, kind, and supportive friends as well as lovers. They tend to use their intellect and resources to help those in need. They are also methodical, hardworking, and committed. Due to this, they become excellent teachers, healers, and editors. 

Virgo Tattoo Ideas: Elements

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

A simple and decent one-word tattoo is perfect if you are a first-timer. A right word that represents your personality along with a Virgo symbol. 

Not every tattoo has to be massive and bold, a minimal floral tattoo as low-key as Virgos. 

Just like their spirit animal fox, Virgo is sensitive and independent. Tattoo inspired by a fox, sharp and smart. 

A collarbone is an ideal place for a delicate tattoo. Though it may cause a lot of pain as the skin is thinner. 

Best Virgo Tattoo Ideas for Leg

Virgo is also associated with Demeter – the Greek goddess of wheat. A zodiac symbol representing wheat. 

A creative way to get a combination of sun sign, moon sign and rising sign design.

If you are an animal lover and looking for some animal inspiration then Fox is a Virgo spirit animal. You can get them. 

A perfect innovative and unique tattoo design for overthinkers. 

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