Visually impaired students upgrade to Smart Vision glasses

Lucknow, March 27 (IANS) Nearly 30 visually impaired students are set to receive Smart Vision glasses, a groundbreaking device developed by a Bengaluru-based startup. These glasses utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist the visually impaired in various tasks.

The Smart Vision glasses, attached to a pair of regular glasses, are designed to help visually impaired individuals with reading, object recognition, face recognition, and even serve as a walking assistant. The device requires only a mobile phone and a Bluetooth neckband, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Jitendra Maurya, a visually impaired student at the Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University (SMRU), expressed gratitude for the glasses, stating, “The unsighted will no longer have to struggle for books in Braille or rely on a scribe.” This technology will revolutionize the learning experience for visually impaired students.

Facilitated by SMRU in collaboration with the Chennai-based non-profit Help and Blind Foundation, the Smart Vision glasses enable visually impaired individuals to read printed material in over 50 different scripts without assistance. This innovation significantly enhances their academic performance and independence.

V S Mishra, the head of the department of visually impaired at SMRU, highlighted the glasses’ ability to provide a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment to completely blind students. Additionally, the glasses feature a flashlight for nighttime reading and object identification.

In a proactive measure against fraud, the Smart Vision glasses come equipped with face detection capabilities. This feature allows students to store photos of familiar individuals, enabling the glasses to recognize and announce their names when they are in proximity to the wearer. Mishra emphasized the transformative impact of this technology on visually impaired students’ success.

“This type of technology will give new dimensions of success to VI students,” Mishra concluded, underscoring the profound potential of the Smart Vision glasses in empowering visually impaired individuals.


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