Vivek Bindra Story: Biography, Net Worth, Education, Age, Wife, Children, Books, Family, House, Interesting facts and everything about “Bada Business” Founder

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Vivek Bindra is a famous Motivational Speaker, YouTuber, Business Coach, and Author. He majorly works in the motivation business like making videos on motivations, writing books about motivation. 

Vivek Bindra Early Life

Vivek Bindra is from a middle-class family and he was like any other ordinary child.

He obtained a BBA degree in 1999-2001 from XAVIER COLLEGE New Delhi. Then he did MBA from AMITY Business College in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) in 2001-2005.

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Vivek Bindra opened a startup named ‘BADA BUSINESS’, in which he explains everything about business growth and business. Dr Vivek Bindra is the CEO and Entrepreneur of many companies and guides many people on how to take their business forward. He also guides how to take an established business to next level and grow. Dr Vivek Bindra received many awards for his motivational speeches and guidelines like Best Leadership Trainer in Asia in Marshall Goldsmith’s World HRD Congres.

Earlier his videos were in English so he could reach only a limited audience in English. In 2016, Vivek Bindra realized the fact that if he wants to grow his business he can not only continue in English. So he started making videos in Hindi and slowly they became viral on YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. His Youtube channel became the world’s largest business training YouTube channel.

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Vivek Bindra Interesting facts:

  • He has also written many books like Effective Planning and Time Management, bounce back: bounce back new, Everything About Leadership, and Double Your Growth Through Excellent Customer Service.
  • He is the world’s No.1 Leadership and Entrepreneurial channel on a large online organization like YouTube.
  • He has a record of more than 1.77 crore subscribers and billions of total views on his YouTube videos.

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