WATCH: America Williams Slapping Her BFF’s Mother Video Goes Viral, Was She Shot Dead For This Behaviour?

The internet can make anything go viral in just a few minutes whether it is a rumor, conspiracy theory, or video. With that said, the latest trending video is titled- “America Williams.”

In a shocking turn of events, a video of a teenage girl America Williams slapping her BFF’s mother has been going viral. Netizens on Twitter are sharing the video like crazy generating millions of clicks and views. 

According to the latest news reports, Williams has been shot 15 times because of her actions towards an older woman.

 Video of America Williams slapping her BFF’s mother goes viral 

According to news reports and websites, the video was shot a few years ago.

In the viral video, the young girl can be seen slapping a woman. In the meantime, a theory is also going on that she suffered a severe punishment for it where she was shot 15 times due to her misbehaviour. 

The alleged viral video has been capturing every person’s attention on various social media platforms. The young girl is wearing a black hoodie with beige pants while standing outside the old lady’s apartment.

Firstly she is looking in the camera and stating to another girl- “Isn’t this your mother,” then slapping the older lady on her face. The slap was quite intense.

The slap makes the lady stunned, saying- “Are you serious?”. In the response, the girl says-“Quit fooling around with me,”. But she keeps on slapping her along with harsh comments. 

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 “Quit messing with me,” before striking her third time. The video is quite disturbing and we urge our readers to watch or share such video until its origin gets officially confirmed. 

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