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WATCH: Bbyyygrace Video Featuring fight leaked onlyf, TikToker Baby Grace Video Rakes In 16.3 million views



A woman scorned can never be more dangerous and resembles a wounded tigress who will tear apart anyone’s reputation to tatters. A TikTok video that proves this adage and is making the rounds on social media sites is the video featuring Bbyyygrace’s fight. The video features TikTok hurling abuses and denigrating her ex has netizens in awe as well as anger.

It has become a common practice to see social media sites become a platform to settle scores or even to get fame. TikTok is a platform where people can upload videos, lip-sync songs or humor. However, it is a double-edged sword and can also be employed to settle scores and set the records straight.

Bbyy Grace fight leaked onlyf

Bbyyygrace video is trending on social media now because of her comments which is full of expletives. In the video, Bbyyygrace is charging her ex-partner with several acts which cannot be labeled as appropriate like getting his sister pregnant and making her pregnant at an age that is not legal. Check out some of the similar videos which was featured on the platform and one can understand how the platform has been used by creators to put forth their views and gain fame. The videos include such content like a person trying to break into a house after a seemingly instance of road rage or a woman explaining how she had to undergo a minor surgery after her Vibra***r got stuck. Scroll down to get to know more about the viral video we are talking about.

The video happens to be of September 12 and features Bbyyygrace being insulted by her ex-partner Curtis and she charged her ex of getting her pregnant at an unlawful age. Bbyyygrace is seen using expletives that pour out in a barrage after a couple of sentences. She talks about condoms and a 16-year-old baby mama at her grandma’s house.

The video had everything in it. It features sleaze, and abuse and is seemingly posted to elicit shock and awe from the viewers. The end result is 16.3 million views and tons of comments from the viewers with some hailing Bbyyygrace’s act while still others questioning her intentions. A few more also derided her for her acts and even contended that it was done purely to shock and get views as well as cheap publicity. 


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