WATCH: Buck Martinez’s Cancer Comeback Interview Video, Expresses Gratitude Toward Fans

Buck Martinez who was battling cancer appeared in an interview post concluding his Fina Cancer Treatment, It is a welcome development for his worried fans who have regularly scoured the internet to get every titbit of information about his health and how he was battling against cancer.

His devoted fans are also trying to learn when he will return to his booth and today we are going to provide every relevant detail related to his struggle against cancer-

WATCH: Buck Martinez about his Battle Against Cancer

When the members of the Toronto Blue Jays learnt that Buck Martinez had won his battle against Cancer they could not contain their excitement and gathered for a gathering at Rogers Centre to welcome Buck Martinez.

The announcer who had for many years given his services to Toronto Blue Jays was greeted enthusiastically by outfielder Raimel Tapia, interim manager John Schneider, and other team staff members. Buck Martinez had taken a break from his job when he was diagnosed with cancer and had left his seat in April to seek treatment.

But now the loved broadcaster is back in his seat in the announcing booth after his victory against cancer and has been enthusiastically cheered by his fans who deeply missed his sonorous voice from the broadcast booth.

Dan Shulman, who was Martinez’s broadcast partner for Tuesday’s game, was close at his side when Buck Martinez shook hands with Blue Jays players.

Speaking on the occasion Dan Shulman said that there was never a doubt that Martinez would return to the broadcast booth.

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The Blue Jays saluted Martinez between the top and bottom of the second inning. Every Toronto reliever and starting lineup cheered him across the broadcast booth in the Rogers Centre’s 300 level when they exited the bullpen and dugout.

Martinez could be seen bowing and accepting the greetings on a huge screen and touching his heart to show his deep gratitude and thank the love and affection showered upon him.

His stint with Blue jays dates back to 1981 and also had a 17 years illustrious career in Major League Baseball, spending time with the Milwaukee Brewers and Kansas City Royals. 

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