WATCH: Gixxer Brah’s Viral Over-Speeding Video Results In His Arrest

A video has been going viral on the internet featuring a Texas YouTuber and professional motorcycle rider Gixxer Brah speeding above the limit while travelling from Colorado Springs to Denver on I-25. His carelessness resulted in his Arrest.

WATCH Gixxer Brah Viral Over-Speed Video

In a 2-minute-long video, It can be clearly seen that Gixxer Brah is speeding through the traffic at 170 mph on a scenic Centennial State day, cutting through lanes while passing cars and trucks at a high speed.

Arrested For Over Speeding

Coming back to the trending video, Gixxer Brah can be seen riding his motorcycle quite dangerously, which must never be copied or done by others. Not only you but also bikes or cars around you are in a dangerous situation if you drive recklessly. 

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For those who don’t know, Gixxer is quite a well-known face on social media including Instagram and Youtube, mostly he likes to post reels on a motorbike and ride them at high speed. In the video, you can clearly see, him entering I-25 in Colorado Springs and speeding up to 170 miles per hour.


Who is Gixxer Brah, and why did he become a viral sensation?

Gixxer is a Texas YouTuber and motorcycle rider who went viral for reckless speeding on I-25 from Colorado Springs to Denver.

What was the reason for Gixxer’s arrest?

Gixxer was arrested for speeding at 170 mph and dangerously weaving through traffic in the viral video.

How fast was Gixxer riding in the viral video?

Gixxer was seen riding at 170 mph in the viral video on I-25.

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