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WATCH: Morgan Osman Viral ‘Instagram Famous’ Fight Video On Airplane Sparks Hilarious Memes, Checkout Netizens Reactions

The individual in question in a recent viral video is Morgan Osman, a 35-year-old Florida-based influencer who has been on TV programs like ‘The Bad Girls Club’ and ‘Miami Monkey’, according to the New York Post.

On an American Airlines aircraft, Morgan can be seen arguing with another passenger, who is not visible in the footage.

Check Out The Not Only ‘Instagram Famous’ Viral Fight Video Of Morgan Osman

A 20-second video of a woman identified as Morgan Osman is currently doing the rounds online. In the footage, she can be seen removing her bags from an airplane overhead bin while cussing at another passenger.

We have no idea when or where this occurred, and we also have no idea why she acted in this manner.

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While she was pulling the whole scene off in the airplane and walking down the aisle, she noticed someone filming her during her horrendous public behavior and to give a reply to that she yelled, “Film me! I am Instagram famous, you f*cking bum.”

WATCH: Morgan Osman Viral 'Instagram Famous' Video On Airplane Sparks Hilarious Memes, Checkout Netizens Reactions

After that, she continued to abuse and cuss other people on the airplane. Later what she said turned out to be a joke on social media with people focusing on the words, ‘Instagram famous’

Nearly a million people follow Morgan Osman on Instagram, but it now appears that her account has been deactivated.

Morgan Osman hails from Miami, Florida, and appeared on the reality series ‘Bad Girls Club’ in 2010. For breaking into the producer’s room in the second episode, she was fired from the program.

Netizens Reaction On Social Media

In 2013, she also made an appearance on the VH1 reality series ‘Miami Monkey’, which was withdrawn after one season.

She was a barman prior to working in television, as was reported on StoryWithAbhi. People found the viral footage of her on the plane to be amusing, and some mocked her for referring to herself as “Instagram famous.”

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