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WATCH: Rajat Sharma Accused of Using Obscene Language at Congress Spokesperson during Live Debate; Video Goes Viral 

Dr. Ragini Nayak, the Congress spokesperson, has raised accusations about Rajat Sharma, the senior journalist, of abusing her verbally during a heated live debate. The incident was captured live on AIR.

In the wake of this, Ragini Nayak shared the video footage on social media platforms, which caused quite a significant uproar. The videos substantiated her claims. 

At the time of a live telecast discussion on the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the alleged incident took place.

As per Nayak, the senior journalist, Sharma, was closely caught on camera uttering Hindi slang, “Kya beh****od.” Sharma allegedly said the word directed at Nayak. 

The video was posted by Dr. Nayak on X. She wrote,

“The first video was brought to my attention on ‘X’! In this video, @RajatSharmaLive is seen using an obscene curse word against me On Air! I did a fact-check! I retrieved the raw footage of this same video from the channel (the second video). What could be a lower level of journalism than this? Do you have any answer, Rajat Sharma?”

Netizens’ Reactions

As the video was posted on X, it went viral quickly. Other journalists and the public showed strong reactions to this matter. 

One user commented, “Shame on you @RajatSharmaLive. you’re pathetic. How can one senior journalist behave like this?”

While the other wrote, “Oh my goodness, he has clearly insulted you.” Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani also weighed in, saying, “Did Rajat Sharma really abuse @NayakRagini on air? Unbelievable, condemnable.”

Surprisingly, some netizens supported Rajat Sharma as well. One user tried to clarify Rajat Sharma, stating, “Rajat Sharma said ‘Kya Behas Karu’?”

Meanwhile, another wrote, “4 baar sun liya, gaali toh samajh me nahi ayi, aap kyu apne aap ko gaali padwana chah rahe ho?”

Response from the Congress Party

Currently, a public apology has been demanded by the Congress party from Rajat Sharma. 

Jairam Ramesh, then General Secretary of Congress, took to X and wrote that Rajat Sharma is quite a popular media personality with a set of political leanings. However, Rajat Sharma shouldn’t have used such derogatory language against a woman. It is considered completely unacceptable.

The Congress secretary added, “There is an urgent need for an unconditional public apology in this matter.”

Reportedly, Rajat Sharma hasn’t issued any public statement regarding the matter yet.

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