WATCH VIDEO: Comedian Jaime Caravaca Punched By Angry Dad For Making Offensive Jokes About His Son on Social Media

Jaime Caravaca is a Spanish comedian, and he recently got punched in his face by Alberto Pugilato during his comedy sketch in Alicante.

The unexpected event took place because of an inappropriate joke that Jaime made about Alberto’s 3-month-old son on X (formerly Twitter).

Comedy Jaime Caravaca Punched By Angry Dad

Alberto had posted a picture of him and his son on social media and used the caption, “Pride and joy.”

Now, the ball dropped when Jaime made a joke about Alberto’s infant son being gay. Alberto was extremely angry, upset, and furious when this was being made.

When Jaime was performing on stage, Alberto had no problem walking up the stage punching Jaime in the face, and calling him a piece of trash, continuing the fact that he should have not made pedophilic comments about his son.

The audience tried to calm the whole situation down. That’s when Alberto opened up to them and spoke his mind.

“What were you saying, huh? That my son was going to eat c***? He’s three months old. Trash. Now what? Say it to my face…say it to my face now… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m just a father who is defending his child. He has made sexualizing comments about my three-month-old son,”

said Alberto.

Alberto wanted Jaime to repeat the joke to his face about his son. Jaime did not. Alberto only punched him again on stage before he walked away from the stage.

The police were called to the area of this event. There were no arrests that were made or sentences because Jaime did not file a case against Alberto.

According to people and netizens, comedy is meant to lighten up; however, this time Jaime crossed a line and made a pedophilic and homophobic joke about a 3-month-old infant.

This situation shows how important it is for people to make sure of the words they use online.

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