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WATCH VIDEO: Major Embarrassment For The Modi 3.0 Government As Union Minister Savitri Thakur Misspells ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’

In a major embarrassment for the Modi 3.0 Government, one of its ministers handling the Education Ministry misspelled ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’, the tagline for the ‘School Chalo Abhiyan’ event on Wednesday in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar. Union Minister and BJP leader Savitri Thakur’s video misspelling the slogan went viral on social media. Netizens are posting memes and lamenting how a 12th pass minister can handle such an important ministry as education.

Ms. Thakur, who serves as the Minister of State for Women and Child Development and is a Lok Sabha member from Dhar, was attending an event in Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. When she attempted to write ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’ on a whiteboard, she instead wrote “Beddi Padao Bachav”.

The opposition, buoyed by its performance in the just concluded 2024 Lok Sabha elections, quickly seized the opportunity to criticize the Modi 3.0 government. The Congress questioned Ms. Thakur’s educational qualifications. Senior Congress leader KK Mishra called it a misfortune of democracy. According to the minister’s affidavit filed during the elections, she has studied up to class 12th.

Congress leader KK Mishra said, “It is the misfortune of democracy that people who hold constitutional posts and are responsible for big departments are not competent even in their mother tongue. How can they be capable of running their ministry?”

Mr. Mishra even suggested amending the constitution to set a minimum educational qualification for members to be elected to the lower house of parliament. He added that while the population is becoming literate, those responsible for running the country lack literacy.

The ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ initiative was launched in 2015 to improve the declining female-to-male sex ratio.

However, the BJP has defended Ms. Thakur, with Dhar district BJP president Manoj Somani dismissing the Congress allegations as “petty and anti-tribal thinking.”

Manoj Somani said, “Savitri ji’s feelings and sentiments are pure, but Congressmen are not able to keep their sentiments pure. The tribal community will not forgive the insult of a tribal woman.”

Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly, Umang Singhar, who is also a tribal leader, questioned Ms. Thakur’s leadership and literacy. He also stated that the incident casts a negative light on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s choice of ministers, adding that the BJP does not prioritize educated ministers.

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