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Watch Viral Video: Famous Dex’s Girlfriend Rubbing His Feet



Viral Video: Famous Dex's Girlfriend Rubbing His Feet

Recently, American rapper Famous Dex shared a video on his social media account where his girlfriend can be seen rubbing his feet. The video is widely being shared on the internet, grabbing the attention of netizens.

The video was posted on 5 February 2024 with the caption-

“You ain’t got you a good girlfriend or wife if she’s not doing your feet as you get out of the jacuzzi. If yo woman not lotioning them dogs up.”

Since then, his fans have been curious to know the identity of the girl, but it remains a mystery.


Watch the Viral Video of Famous Dex and his Girlfriend-

The intention behind the clip was to show, as he says, what a “good girlfriend or wife” should look like on his Instagram story. He further added that he believes it’s characteristic of a good girlfriend or wife to massage his feet immediately after he exits the jacuzzi. He nicknamed his toes as “dogs” and even made a joke with his partner over this.

Famous Dex asks his girlfriend/wife: “Are they barkin’ bae?” She states, “Yes.” He further asks her, “Yeah? Damn, you put me on blast!” He starts laughing while his girl replies, saying she was “just kidding.”

American rapper Famous Dex, real name Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr., was born on 6 September 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. He earned a massive fanbase with his vocal skills and rapid energy on stage.


American rapper Famous Dex real name Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr was born on 6 September 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. He earned a massive fanbase with his vocal skills and rapid energy on stage. 

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Well, the video didn’t go down well with his followers as some criticized his actions, viewing them as demeaning to women. Furthermore, the relationship advice he provided in his Instagram story is also receiving significant backlash from the public.


Back in 2016, as reported by The Fader, he sparked controversy when he was seen hitting a girl in a security camera.

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