Watchman web series on ULLU: It’s hard to resist the charm of Priya Gamre in the series

Watchman web series: OTT platforms are the future. Producers are now opting for OTT platforms to release their latest flick rather than a movie theatre. Now the preference of the public has changed. They prefer to watch movies or web series in their home. The demand for erotic series is over the roof. ULLU is one of fewer OTT platforms that offer shows in such genres. It should be noted that viewer discretion is advised while choosing to watch ullu app, as most of its web series contain sexual and explicit content. Today we are gonna be diving into their most hit web series Watchman. The bold content along with its sex scenes has created havoc in the country. Let’s start- 

The storyline of the Watchman

Most of the series of ullu is based on sexual fantasies. The same goes with Watchman, it shows the life of a watchman working in a residential society. Soon he noticed 3 ladies living in his society and starts to get attracted towards them. He finds many ways to talk to them. The series is filled with sensual, erotic love-making scenes. Watch the series on the ullu app to know if will he be able to succeed in his motives or not.

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Priya Gamre’s bold sensuous scenes

Priya Gamre has been cast in the leading role. Her performance in the series is quite commendable and surely made a mark for herself in the glamour industry. Her bold scenes in the series garnered a lot of headlines in the media. Not only in the series but she is also known for her attracting a lot of attention on her official social media handles. Her sizzling pictures and reels get millions of views. The series’s plotline is great and suits the overall vibe of the series. 

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