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The Kerala administration has reported two cases of Norovirus in the state. As per the Kerala health ministry, this virus is ‘very contagious’ and transmits through contaminated food or water. 

Due to the formidable nature of the virus, the Kerala administration has urged residents to maintain good hygiene.

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Norovirus is a virus that causes vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea in those it affects. It is also known as stomach worm or stomach flu because of its effect on the body's gastrointestinal process.

Norovirus can affect people regardless of age. The infection is usually spread through the consumption of contaminated food or contact between two surfaces.

US Centers for Disease Control Prevention says, different  forms of this virus make it more dangerous, as the treatment with one does not confer protection from others.

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According to scientific reports, norovirus, formerly known as Norwalk virus, was first detected in stool samples obtained during a gastroenteritis incident in Norwalk, Ohio.

Because of the virus’s temporal inclination and the high prevalence of individuals with vomiting as a noted symptom, the condition was first dubbed “winter vomiting disease” in 1929.

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 > Keep washing your hands at frequent intervals.
 > Disinfect the entire building after each incident      of vomiting and diarrhea.
> Consume seafood only after frying it properly.