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What are live casino games?

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These are games that display live video feeds of dealers who happen to be actual humans. The main aim of these is to reinvent the atmosphere created in a physical-based Casino. It is a creative form of online gambling and will enable the gambler to play casino games through the internet.

The odds and payback percentages offered in live casinos will generally be higher than land-based casinos. Most times the payback percentage will be determined by the rules of the game.

The Main Types of Live Casino Games

Live casino games can be grouped into two main classifications

1. Web-Based

The gambler will visit websites without downloading any software to their computer

2. Download-based

The gambler will have to download software to their computer and order to play the offered casino games.

How Live Casino Games Are Played

The games played will not depend on any software to determine any outcome of a gamble. Most Live Casino games will have a chat feature that ensures the gambler can message the dealer who will respond to the message verbally or it can also be used to communicate to other gambles but will they will have to follow regulations set by the casino.

Any transaction will be translated to software thus it will ensure the gamer will experience the same feeling as they would in a physical casino. The studio where the live casino game is hosted will have several cameras and croupiers that will capture the various games. An IT manager will ensure any technical hitch will be dealt with and any conflict that may arise between the players and croupiers.

The most common types of live Casinos are baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

Things to consider when choosing a live casino game

Apart from selecting a game you like and enjoy playing one should consider the betting range since some games are meant for gamers with high budgets while others are meant for gamers with small budgets.

Also, check if the dealers speak your native language so as to ensure effective communication.

The Most Supported Live Casino Games

• Live Dealer Blackjack

Players will try to defeat the dealer before going over twenty-one. It has some rules like one of the dealer’s cards is shown, players are allowed to double or split only during their first move.

Players can also see the cards shuffled physically and the cards are printed in large fonts

• Live dealer Roulette

It is popular mainly since it is easy to play. A table can also accommodate many players which means you can get a spot available at any table when you turn up to any roulette game. The gamer chooses a chip value and one can place it at different spots on the table
One can also make side bets. It features slow-motion replays and special effects.

• Live Dealer Baccarat

It has the lowest house edge and this makes it favorable to gamers who have small budgets. You place a bet if the ‘player’ or the ‘banker’ will have a finer hand. By adding two cards and taking the last digit the value of the hand is calculated.

• Live Dealer Poker

One dealer will face many players so if one folds, they have to wait for other gamers to place their bet. It happens that this will be the main downside of the game. It also has different variations

• Live Game Shows

It is the most distinctive category of live casino games. They are rarely found in any land-based casinos. It has a wide range of bet sizes that will suit players who have small budgets. The game has good visuals that give it an appealing look. It has a wheel with numbers. Players will bet on which number the wheel will land on.
Sometimes multiple games may be put into one.

Payment of Bonuses

New gamers will sign up for live casino offers and make their first deposit. This is a brilliant marketing strategy as it gives the gamer a commitment to the gamer to reach a minimum amount so as to be allowed to withdraw. A player can there not walk away with a bonus once issued.

There are different types of Bonuses issued

• Welcome bonus

It is the first deposit made in the live casino and it may come in packages. Sometimes this bonus may be tied to a certain game

• Referral bonus

It is of two types

1. For the referee
2. For the referrer

• Cashback or insurance bonus

It is issued as a percentage for the losses made by a gamer during gaming

• No-deposit

Are claimed without depositing any of the gamer’s own money and can come in two deals. Non-cashable and comp points.

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