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What are the Different Type & the Different Size of Bestway Air Mattress Available Online?

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Whenever you are buying a mattress, you must go through the different variants available from the brand. The same is the case when you are planning to buy an Air Mattress from Bestway. If you are planning to buy Bestway Air Mattress, then you can go through the sections below. We have listed information about different types of Bestway Air Mattresses and the different size options available.

Different types of Bestway Air Mattress

Bestway majorly manufactures five different types of mattresses. You can check out the details below, and we have also listed the points that make these mattresses different. We hope that you can easily differentiate between the options available. Let us talk about all these mattresses one by one.

  • TriTech Series – The first series that we are going to talk about is the Tritech series. It is the most popular option from the brand. They are priced at an affordable price. This mattress has internal beam construction, and it is made of 3 layer material. The three-layer material can stand a height, weight, and stress. If you move a lot while sleeping, the mattress will also be able to take the load without any leakage or any other issue.
  • Tough Guard Series – The next series that we will talk about is the Tough Guard series. If you had always been concerned about the durability and longevity, this is precisely the series you must opt for. The mattresses manufactured under this series are a lot tougher than TriTech. In this design, the brand fuses a mesh with the PVC. The combination of this material is very resistant to sagging or stretching. The mattress doesn’t deform with time. Moreover, they have a higher weight limit.
  • AlwayzAire Series – The next option that you have is the AlwayzAire series. These mattresses feature a dual pump technology. In this technology, there is a primary pump that would control the inflation of the mattress. Apart from the primary pump, the mattress also has a secondary pump which pumps the air silently when the air pressure falls. This type of technology ensures that the mattress doesn’t lose air while you are sleeping. You will never get up on the floor if you are choosing Air Mattress from this series.
  • Sell Control Series – This series is the best and the most innovative offering from Bestway. These are the smart mattresses that can be connected with Wi-Fi. You can install the Bestway App, and it would enable you to make adjustments as per your comfort. The mattress also has advanced features that automatically turn off or turns on the air pump. Apart from this, these mattresses can be deflated remotely. The application also enables you to adjust the mattress’s firmness as it features a micro inflate feature. Overall, this is the most expensive and the most advanced air mattress available in the market.
  • Air Furniture – We are sure that you understood what this series is about. It mostly consists of convertible furniture. For example, it has a convertible couch that turns into a bed when required. So, you can browse through this range of air furniture and see if you need convertible mattresses.

Size options

We have already shared the information about the different series. The good thing is that TriTech, Tough Guard, Self Control, and AlwayzAire is available in different sizes. There are no such options in Air Furniture. So, go ahead and check out the size options available below.

  • Single – As the size suggests, this is a single size option available in most of the series. You can buy this size if you plan to buy a suitable size for your child or your baby. Even a single adult can easily sleep on this size. It is even perfect for hostels and bachelors staying alone.
  • Twin – If you are looking for something more spacious, you can check out the twin size. One person can sleep on this very comfortably, and even two people can easily sleep on this size mattress. The general length x width of this mattress is 74 inches x 39 inches. The thickness of the mattress varies from one model to another.
  • Queen – if you have a queen-size bed, you can check out the mattress’s queen size. There are multiple series that offer queen size. Taking about the size, this is slightly bigger than the twin size. Most of the people would already have an idea about the size. The dimensions of queen size offered by Bestway are 80 inches x 60 inches.

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Final Words

We have listed all the possible information about the Bestway Air Mattresses. We are sure that you can find what you are looking for. A little search online will help you in finding the best deal as well. If you have any questions about the Bestway mattresses, you can also visit the brand’s website, and you will get the required information. If you still have any questions about Bestway Air Mattresses, reach out to us, and we will help you with your query.

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