What are the impacts of Covid-19 on Healthcare Education

The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused extreme disruption in education and healthcare services. Coronavirus spread has led many countries to implement lockdown strategies to reduce the virus’s breakout that made classes online. The unexpected pandemic has made online education an alternative to regular classroom classes. Online learning and teaching have been a challenge for both the students and the teaching faculties as they have never dealt with a global pandemic.

Like the field of education, health care students are adapting to online education. Now with classes being moved online, most students are kept out of clinical settings & direct patient contact. The new online teaching experience is adequate in preparing our students for clinical clerkships and beyond. 

Challenges Faced by Medical Students

The major challenge of nursing students is to replicate clinical exposures, especially where they will have interactive communication with patients and senior medical staff, which helps to enhance their clinical skills.

Another challenge students have to face is reduced exposure to clinical sessions and no in-person training, which will have a noticeable impression on medical education, particularly for the students who are in the final period of transition to being a registered nurse.

Will Covid-19 Instill Fear On Future Health Care Students & Their Career Choice?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has opened up new healthcare opportunities and created much-needed awareness of the importance of health care heroes. The public now sees the need for healthcare workers and nurses working in the forefront to fight the pandemic. 

Even when the economies worldwide are suffering from Covid 19, workers are without jobs, business and are experiencing losses. However, healthcare companies are seeing positive growth in their stock market.

Preparing for the worst-case scenario in the future, the focus is more critical on the health care sector than ever. Moreover, all the countries have increased the budget for the healthcare industries; many companies also started investing in the health sectors, creating a lot of employment opportunities in the future.

Online Learning For Medical Students To Become Mainstream In Future

For students participating in online classes, special attention is given to meet their insufficient clinical experience. For on-site medical rounds and practices, adequate protection is provided, and a need-based curriculum with innovative methods to prepare students to re-adjust to the new educational environment.

Studies across the globe have shown that E-learning using simulations can result in increased confidence and better clinical judgment. Simulation is the process of creating artificial conditions to study or experience something possible in real life. Medical simulations allow the acquisitions of clinical skills through hands-on practice rather than classroom study; these simulations serve as alternate patients, which would enable students to learn without fear of harming the patients,

The Impact of Coronavirus on Healthcare Career

Covid-19 pandemic’s influence on healthcare employment is very positive and is calculated to grow faster than any other job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs’ growth will be in high demand and are projected to grow up to 15% until 2029. 

COVID-19 has caused people to lose jobs and businesses going rock-bottom due to the mass lockdown. As for people in the healthcare sector, the demand for health care professionals has gone remarkably high with the unavailability of professionals, so they might need healthcare staffing solutions to meet the rising numbers of patients.  For the nursing sector, the professionals have gained a huge amount of praise for putting their lives upfront to save the lives of people.

Even though a healthcare career might sound like putting lives at risk, governments are spending more to promote health care in the country with high pay even to the entry level jobs.  Career in health is now under the spotlight with people recognizing the importance of health and this is surely something to look forward to and pursue in the future.

Are There Any Changes We Can Expect in Health Professions Education Moving Forward?

The medical education sector faced a series of challenges throughout history. The current global pandemic is comparable to other events in history like the 1918 Spanish flu. Despite the interruptions, there are always silver linings to look forward to in nursing careers. Infectious diseases have caused nurses to work near the affected community with significant national health service changes. Many clinics have switched toward tele clinics to make remote patient care possible.

With the prolonged suspension of clinical rotations, medical schools’ targeted efforts have addressed these concerns through enhanced virtual curriculum development and advising strategies will become increasingly important. 

Like virtual learning and simulations, there are many new ways to keep the health care community and medical education running. Most parts of the country have developed a virtual learning platform to help medical schools. Virtual education is being applied to a wide variety of medical training, including surgery and education, by setting up video communication using free tools like Zoom and Skype, providing a real-time classroom experience. Universities like Oxford are already using virtual simulations based tools for medical education. 

The healthcare team uses standardized patient simulations, an individual programmed to react and respond like an actual patient. nursing students can use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with their clinical trials & practices.

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