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What are the main advantages of having a dengue care policy



dengue care policy

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that is transferred by the bite of a mosquito. Because of the disease’s severity, all precautions must be taken to avoid contracting it. In addition, you should make sure that the high cost of its diagnosis and treatment does not put you in a difficult financial position. In such a case, a dengue care policy from Bajaj Finserv would be quite beneficial. 

Indeed, Bajaj Finserv offers plans for other conditions, like Covid health insurance, one of more than 80 out-of-pocket insurance products available.

What is the dengue care policy?

The dengue care policy is a small, pocket-sized coverage from Bajaj Finserv that will help you cover the cost of treatment if you are diagnosed with the virus. Expenses for inpatient and outpatient care are included in the policy’s scope of coverage. For stays of more than 24 hours, inpatient benefits normally cover the hospital stay cost. Pre-hospitalisation charges, such as doctor visits and prescriptions, and post-hospitalisation medical expenses are all included. 


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The following summarises some of the main advantages of the dengue care policy.

  • If you already have a standard health insurance plan, you might assume that purchasing a separate dengue care policy is a waste of money. The coverage typically pays Rs.10,000 upfront for outpatient treatment, drugs, diagnostic testing, outpatient consulting, home care, and other related expenses if the insured is diagnosed with dengue virus infection.
  • The dengue care policy, under the Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions category of 

Bajaj Finserv, covers diagnostic tests and doctor’s fees before, during, and after hospitalisation. The fact that the policyholder may be required to attend multiple outpatient sessions throughout his or her healing makes this a substantial advantage.

  • If you are 91 days to 65 years old, you are eligible to purchase this plan, which means you can purchase it at any time until you reach the age of 65. As we grow older, it’s a good idea to have a plan like this.
  • In many situations, dengue patients will require a blood transfusion due to an extremely low platelet count, which can be fatal. A severe case of dengue demands hospitalisation for between three and five days. With dengue cover, the policyholder may easily cover the cost of treatment and the cost of prescribed medications. Additionally, the plan will cover ancillary expenses necessary to treat dengue, both before and after hospitalisation, for a maximum of 15 consecutive days.
  • Dengue treatments may be costly. Some severe instances may necessitate prolonged hospitalisation. The dengue cover provides financial assistance to those suffering from dengue and other vector-borne illnesses, including malaria.
  • Customers must pay one premium, and there are no rigorous underwriting requirements. It is not subjected to any medical tests. Filling out a simple form and self-certifying that you are clear of dengue fever is all that is required. After a 15-day cooling-off period following the insurance purchase, the coverage takes effect.
  • You may apply for a dengue care policy from Bajaj Finserv online and pay the premium in real-time using various payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, mobile wallets, and other similar alternatives. 

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Bajaj Finserv intends to alleviate the financial burden of vector-borne illness treatment and diagnosis costs by providing comprehensive coverage and user-friendly terms. Whether the disease is in its early stages or has progressed, such policies give adequate protection. This objective has resulted in the creation of a dengue care policy. It has also made available 

Covid health insurance to prevent the spread of virus-borne illnesses. This policy and more than 80 other budget-friendly insurance policies may be purchased through the Bajaj Finserv portal.


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