What does CBD salve do for the body and brain?

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Cannabis has long been used for medical treatments. The many effects that cannabis plant extracts have had on the treatment of brain diseases, especially in the last decade, are significant. 

The main ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a specific substance behind drug abuse. The second major ingredient is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is not a psychoactive substance and its effects on brain circuits are very different from those of THC. 

Cannabinoids (cannabis extract) act by binding to specific receptors in brain tissue. These receptors are known as cannabinoid receptors. These receptors directly affect the cell function in which they are located, the psychological effects of marijuana use begin quickly. Such receptors are mainly present in the brain in the hippocampus and cerebellum.

Psychedelic cannabinoids, such as THC, cause euphoria, increased sensory perception, increased heart rate, decreased pain stimuli, and difficulty concentrating on specific tasks

Research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) differs from THC in that it has an effect on the human brain. CBD, as mentioned, is not a psychedelic, so it prevents the brain from moving toward emotions and altered realities.

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CBD can even block the psychoactive effects of THC and eliminate the “excessive” effect by giving it a highly controlled, therapeutic effect. Due to its antipsychotic effects, this compound has been used for many medicinal purposes 

Many studies in laboratories around the world, along with controlled clinical trials, have proven that CBD can be a tolerable, safe, and effective drug for antipsychotic purposes.

The primary mechanism by which CBD can be used to prevent traumatic brain injury is hidden in the widespread anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. 

CBD prevents inflammation in various ways

One of the factors through which CBD can prevent inflammation is the dysfunction of cytokines, chemicals in the body that mediate inflammation by promoting it.

Endocannabinoids, especially non-psychotic agents such as CBD, affect the cytokine structure and biology of various cellular systems. The anti-proliferative effects of endocannabinoids on cancer cells have been well demonstrated and their effect in eliminating inflammation is significant

CBD to Treat Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder that occurs due to the gradual destruction and death of cortical cells and the death of these cells causes dementia in patients.

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It can also affect a person’s cognitive abilities.

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But there are certain medications to reduce the symptoms

Therefore, cannabinoids such as CBD can be effective in fine-tuning vital brain circuits in the nervous system and in treating various types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

In this regard, studies were conducted that included a total of 21 cases in which cannabinoids, especially CBD derived from cannabis plants were used as a therapeutic measure against Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies have been performed to investigate the effect of CBD on patients with Alzheimer’s disease on PC12 neurons. The results showed that cannabidiol activates a proxiferous activated receptor through an innate pathway in the central nervous system. When activated, this pathway protects PC12 neurons from oxidative damage and neurotoxicity.

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Therefore, the results of these studies indicate that CBD can be used as an effective drug to prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. CBD activates the peroxisome activating receptor activator receptor to protect PC12 cells from neurotoxicity and oxidative stress, which ultimately leads to cell death, resulting in indirect cell proliferation with reduced ROS production. 

CBD can also indirectly reduce lipid peroxidation in areas of the central nervous system.

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