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What Entertainment Should You Hire for Your Event? Here are a Few Brilliant Ideas



What Entertainment Should You Hire for Your Event

So you’re already on the verge of planning your next event – and needless to say, it has got to be different this year because we have every reason to celebrate! This new year is an exciting time, to say the least, as we have all been through arguably the worst year (or years) ever. But whether you’re organizing a business or corporate event or someone’s birthday or gathering, the entertainment you choose could make or break your party. It follows that you want your guests to be well and truly entertained and go beyond that stage show or a comedy act. So what entertainment should you hire for your event? Here are a few brilliant ideas for you. 

  • Live painters or artists

If you think face painters are one great way to entertain the kiddos, what about the adults? Well, for the adults, there’s also art – but live art or painters, that is. Imagine something coming to life before your eyes, and it’s truly remarkable and awe-inspiring to see a person create something seemingly out of thin air (or a blank canvas, that is) and come up with a nice piece of art! You can go for something based on speed or a little more laid back, where people can check in after a few hours to see a new work of art.

  • A retro arcade

Now here’s something for the not-so-young, but even the millennials will find it ultra-cool: why not have a retro arcade? Your guests can be transported back to a time when video games were starting. They can play games like Pac-Man (a well-loved classic!), Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Donkey Kong, among many other games – and these games (and more) are readily available from carnival hire experts like The best aspect about these retro or vintage games is that anyone can easily understand them, and both kids and adults alike can enjoy a game or two (they are often two-player games, which is perfect)  – and they are often less violent and safer than the games we have today! 

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  • Virtual reality activities and games

If you want something that both kids and adults will equally enjoy but is far removed from retro – in fact, it’s the opposite of retro – why not have them play virtual reality activities and games? There’s just something magical about the escape from reality as we know it, and it’s a completely immersive environment that requires a suitable and extensive floor plan. But once guests have tried it, you can easily imagine them wanting to try it again and again. 

  • Interactive servers and hosts

What if we were to tell you that there are now waiters, servers, and hosts that can take your guests to a whole new level of entertainment? We’re talking about interactive servers and hosts who can serve the guests yet make it wholly entertaining and immersive! Think servers ‘wearing’ the cocktail and dinner tables, who can make the guests laugh and enjoy whilst serving drinks and food. And here’s another thing – they’re brilliant for selfies with the guests! 


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