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What Factors and Features impact Cost of E-commerce Mobile App Development?

Ever-changing technology has created a host of opportunities for business enterprises. When we look around, technology has complete control over almost everything. Computers and mobile phones have become a necessity for people. People use mobile phones to perform every task in their daily lives. E-commerce mobile app help businesses move forward by generating conversions.

Innovative technology gave businesses several opportunities to expand. Mobile has opened doors for an array of online activities including online marketing, online selling, online payments, and other services.

The E-commerce brands are adopting mobile app strategies to engage the target audience. This works perfectly well for both customers as well as companies. Being convenient and comfortable for customers to buy online as well as profitable for companies.

Factors that affect the cost of E-commerce Mobile App 

The crucial phase before moving ahead with e-commerce app development is the cost. But most businesses get confused when deciding the development budget.

To ensure no confusion occurs proper planning of the mobile application development procedure is required. The cost of the e-commerce app depends on the features and functionality. Firstly, understand the market and business demands, then outline features for your e-commerce application.

1. Development Platform

Opting for the correct development platform to engage the target audience is important. The development platform is selected according to the company requirements, it can be either an Android or iOS platform. The development cost changes as per the type of platform.

2. UI/UX Design

Application design has its own importance in generating traffic and engaging customers. The development cost depends on the User interface complexity of an e-commerce application. An engaging user interface drives more users as well as adds more appeal to the end-users.

3. Application Size

Size of the application is a deciding factor of app development cost. The application size expands when features are added into the application in large number. Adding feature is a complex task and needs hiring mobile app developers and experienced testers from a reputed development agency with proper resources.

4. Basic Features

Basic features integrated into an e-commerce mobile application contribute to the overall development cost. Features including shopping cart, database, checkout process, user accounts, need time and development expertise.

5. Advanced Features

Adding advanced features to the e-commerce mobile app will add extra bucks to the development cost. Advanced features like geolocation, booking calendar, data transform, data sync, push messages, OTP authentication, in-app calling & messaging.

Features that affect the cost of E-commerce Mobile App

1. Registration Option

When the user opens a mobile app, a simple registration page appears. It becomes crucial to integrate the registration page with social logins and custom login features. This way customers can smoothly register and log in without spending additional time and putting effort.

2. Engaging User Interface

For user engagement it is important app’s first impression must be impressive. An e-commerce mobile app should have an interactive user interface. So that users get the application simple to use. Beautiful UI, appealing UX, simple to use features & functions makes an alluring user interface.

3. Push Notification Feature

Push notification has its own significance that helps to generate more traffic and sales. It is a pop-up message on the users’ devices to keep them updated and build improved customer relationships. It usually contains the following details:

  • Deals & discounts, coupon codes
  • Stock updated or latest arrival
  • Personalized user messages
  • Special and exclusive offers & more

4. Multi Payment Option

Integrating different sets of payment services is a challenging but great feature for an e-commerce mobile app. Many customers abandon the cart or move to another brand when they don’t find a suitable payment option to perform the transaction. Make sure the payment integration must be safe and secure. You can hire an e-commerce app developer to perform this job in a smooth & secure manner without impacting the app performance.

5. Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is another important feature of an e-commerce application. This allows users to add the items they prefer to buy to the cart. The calculated cost of products in addition to the taxes and shipping charges is mentioned. Either user can opt for the transaction process or keep the items saved in the cart.

6. Search Options

An in-built search option is crucial when the user wants to search for a desired product or brand to complete the buying process. Users can simply type in the specific keywords in the search bar and all the related results will be shown on the mobile screen. With this feature, the user saves time and does not need to navigate through the complete app to buy a specific product.

Design & development of an e-commerce mobile app for your business is a game-changer strategy to generate higher sales. Customers prefer an app with an excellent user experience and streamlined navigation. With growing competition in the market, availing of mobile app development services is essential for every market representative. Many leading companies have increased their online sales to 15% using an effective e-commerce mobile application.


E-commerce Mobile App helps brick and mortar stores to digitize their services and expand business reach. With customer engagement, business will generate more profits which will help in further expansion and service enhancement. But before making a start online retailers must discuss thoroughly project scope, budget, legal compliance, and other elements with an experienced development company.

Sahil Thakur

Sahil Thakur is working with a top-rated Mobile App Development Company- Orangemantra as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Having years of experience and expertise in the tech industry, you can avail the latest information on the latest technologies.

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