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What Is Agnipath Scheme? Check It’s Eligibility, Preference, Salary, Advantages And All Details

On Tuesday, the government launched the revolutionary and far-reaching ‘Agnipath’ framework, implementing defense minister Rajnath Singh as well as the multiple Service chiefs to avoid criticism that it would erode the military’s professional competence, ideology, and competitive spirit, and also possibly lead to the military involvement of civil society. Under the Agnipath scheme, which was approved by the PM-led ministerial council on security, the process of hiring 46,000 troops, sailors, and aircraft will commence this year on a “all-India, all-class” basis. Responses with some of the most commonly asked questions based on the system below.

Agnipath Scheme

This program involves a hiring process for persons who do not have the position of officer, to deliver fitter, youthful troops towards the front lines, some of whom will be on multiple contracts. It’s a game-changing endeavor that will help the Army, Navy, and Air Force portray themselves as more youthful.

Agnipath Scheme’s Eligibility Requirements

All three professions will be registered through a centralized online platform, with particular rallies and university interviews held by authorized engineering institutions such as Industrial Training Institutes and the National Skills Qualifications Framework, among many others. Registration will be done on an ‘All India All Class’ basis, with people aged from 17.5 to 21. Agniveers will meet the health conditions for recruitment in the military as they pertain to their respective categories/trades. Agniveers’ academic interests will remain attractive for enrollment in a variety of fields, including To become a General Duty (GD) soldier, you must have completed Class 10.

Agnipath Scheme: Who Can Apply?

Men and women between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will indeed be drafted into the military under this plan.

Agnipath Scheme: Preference for Females

Yes, females there under the age requirement are eligible for the Agnipath, since there is no such restriction for women in this system.

Agnipath Scheme: Annual Salary Package

The compensation plan for the first year is Rs 4.76 lakh, with an upgrade to Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth year. Seva Nidhi package costs around Rs 11.71 lakh after discharge, which includes interest. A non-contributory insurable interest of Rs 48 lakh is also available. If the people who have received an Agniveer talent certificate, it will help them find work after they are released.

Advantages Of the Agnipath Scheme

It gives young people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent their nation and make a significant contribution to growth. The Armed Forces would be more youthful and energetic. The Agniveers will be offered a competitive monetary incentive as well as the chance to practice in the greatest armed culture in civilian society while also improving their abilities and certifications. This will result in motivated and skilled workers.

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