What Is Flickergooning And Why Is It All Over TikTok? Here’s Everything

Flickergooning is a type of meditative state that helps the brain to sensitize to gain some momentum in it. So currently the thing flickergooning is all over the internet and has reached the stage of being a literal fad which is spread out on the internet.

Flickergooning Trend Meaning

So, flickergooning is the process where one does something continuously without stopping. It doesn’t matter if you reach the goal or to the point where you have mastered the art of doing it. As long as it keeps your brain numb and occupied, you do it.

So basically, this situation will make you zone out of any other thing you’d even like to think of. This flickergooning is the best way of concentrating and forgetting something to better yourself. It’s an excellent way of distracting oneself from something. To get to your good state, you have to be focused on the thing you have decided to take up.

This not only makes you occupied with something other than the digital life we have, but it also makes you better at the particular skill you’ve been practicing. Currently, the live streaming platforms are full of creators practicing this type of stream online and people are watching it as well.

@bestsparring on TikTok posted a meme that said that you’re better than someone who goons for 8 hours if you goon for 8 seconds. The idea was revised to what it is so popular and people thought it was just funny.

After that, TikTok and Twitter took over the trend and the memes about the same are all over the internet. On the bright side, people have been exposed to the concept of flickergooning and its practice which is making people better at what they want to be good at!

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