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What Is Glucose and Why Do You Need It?



What Is Glucose and Why Do You Need It?

Most people don’t pay attention to their glucose levels until a health problem appears. Glucose is a key component of how your body works. Let’s examine what glucose is and its role in your body.

What Is Glucose?

Glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar, is a simple carbohydrate that serves as energy for your body. It is similar to fructose, ribose and galactose, all of which are monosaccharides.

Besides your stored fat, glucose is a fuel source that your body taps into for its various functions. Depending on the state of your body, your cells choose to burn glucose or fat to perform their functions.


Glucose is available in bread, vegetables, fruits and dairy in varying quantities. Keeping your glucose levels within healthy limits is important for avoiding serious health problems and maintaining vitality.

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How Your Body Makes Glucose

When you eat, your body is ready to process the glucose contained in the food. Enzymes and acids enter the secreted during digestion so that your food can be broken down into small building blocks. At this stage, glucose is released from the food.


As a result, insulin production starts in the pancreas to offset your bloodstream’s rising sugar levels. It’s almost like dropping too much sugar in your lemonade. Consider the pancreas as the organ responsible for pouring some extra water and lemon juice into the pitcher to make the lemonade less sweet so you can comfortably drink it.

Problems start to arise when the pancreas is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin. When this happens, free fatty acids are released instead, causing the liver to break down fat. This can be toxic and will result in serious health issues.

People whose bodies experience problems with managing glucose can develop diabetes. If not correctly monitored, diabetes can lead to serious issues such as stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and eye disease.


How Do You Test Your Glucose?

Your doctor can test your glucose levels during your next exam if you do a blood test. However, to keep a more regular account of your blood sugar, you can test your glucose at home. A small device is used to prick your finger with a tiny, sharp needle.

You then place a drop of blood onto a test strip which is designed to react to glucose. The device has a meter into which you place the strip and which gives you a result within a few seconds.

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Why Do You Need It?

Glucose is the fuel that your body’s cells use to carry out their functions. Your blood vessels transport glucose to every corner of your body so that your organs and systems can do their jobs.

Monitor Your Glucose

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