What Is Kundali Matching? A Guide to Know All About It

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You can’t shy away from the fact that marriage is a life-altering decision that one must take after measuring the pros and cons. Marriage is not only a turning point for two people tying the knot, but it is also a union of two families. As marriage is deemed a crucial step in a person’s life, most families, before finalising the marriage of their children, opt to get their Kundalis or birth charts analysed and matched by astrologers to know whether they are perfect for each other or not. This is what is known as Kundali matching or Kundali Milan! 

Have you ever stopped to wonder why people put emphasis on Kundali Milan or Kundali matching for marriage? This is because it is regarded as the first step in finalising the union between the prospective bride and groom. Hindus believe this is the best way to decipher the compatibility level between two individuals stepping into the holy bond of marriage.  

Kundali Matching: What Is It All About?

Solemnising a traditional Hindu marriage highly depends upon Kundali matching. So, what is Kundali matching? 

In Vedic astrology, Kundali Milan is an ancient method that does a compatibility analysis between couples. It involves matching the horoscope charts of the prospective bride and groom to know whether moving ahead with the marriage proposal would be fruitful or not. The main motive behind getting the Kundalis matched is to ensure that the would-be couple has a happy and harmonious life. The Kundalis of the prospective bride and the groom is matched not only to measure the compatibility but also to nullify any bad effects after marriage. Kundali matching is an eminent part of Hindu weddings. In Vedic astrology, Kundali matching by name and by birth charts can be done. The birth chart depicts the positions and alignments of the celestial bodies during the time of one’s birth. Celestial bodies can significantly influence our lives and destinies.

In this method of analysing the ‘Janam Kundali’, the birth charts of the two individuals are matched. Kundali Matching is done by the ‘Ashtakoota method’ or commonly referred to as the ‘Guna Milan’. In this method, the astrologers take into consideration eight parameters or ‘kootas’ while measuring compatibility. Every parameter stands for a certain facet of marriage and life. In this method, all the parameters are given specific points, making a sum of 36 points or Gunas. Each of the parameters is scored based on match compatibility. Based on the points obtained by matching the Kundalis, the auspiciousness and the success rate of the marriage can be predicted. When the Kundalis are matched, the higher the number of points, the higher the compatibility between the prospective bride and groom. A future couple is considered the perfect match when all 36 gunas match between them. If the total points are above 18, the couple is regarded as an average match. But, if the score is less than 18, the marriage is not recommended as the pairing is not considered appropriate for the long run. Based on the ‘Guna Milan’ and the points you get in Kundali Milan, the marriage negotiations are done and then finalised.

Compatibility is closely tied to marriage, which is why Kundali matching becomes a crucial step to shed light on how marital life will turn out to be in the future. To know what the Kundalis can reveal about your life, you will have to contact genuine astrologers. Nowadays, you can opt for online Kundali matching on credible websites. Getting a Kundali matching done online is the most convenient way to match Kundali to get a marriage prediction.

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Why Opt for Kundali Matching? 

Marriage is a union of two individuals that binds them together for a lifetime and beyond. For a marriage to be successful in the long run, one must consider every aspect meticulously before taking the final plunge. This is why getting your Kundali analysed thoroughly and matched with your prospective partner is of utmost importance. A genuine astrologer can predict the prospective couple’s marital life and the bond by analysing the birth charts. 

  • Ascertain The Overall Marriage Equation 

Marriage is meant to last for a lifetime and beyond. This is why the compatibility quotient becomes an essential factor while choosing your life partner. The foundation of a successful and harmonious marriage depends on the level of comfort and compatibility between the partners. When the Kundalis of the would-be bride and groom are analysed, one can know how compatible they will be and what their future life will be like. Kundali matching is a great way to gauge the relationship equation between the to-be-wedded couple. A skilled and professional astrologer can read the planetary positions in the birth charts and can determine whether the marriage will be a smooth ride or a bed full of thorns in the future. The 36 Gunas matched can determine the compatibility level and assess how harmonious and blissful married life will be. 

  • Gauge Mental And Physical Compatibility 

Kundali matching for marriage is an excellent way to determine the mental and physical compatibility of the would-be couple in question. The alignments, positions, and placements of the celestial bodies in the horoscope of the two individuals can show their behaviour patterns. Thus, Kundali Milan can offer a glimpse into an individual’s attitude, interests, mindset, temper, aptitude, etc. By getting insight into the personality traits of the to-be life partners, one can determine whether the prospective couple will be able to adjust with each other in the long run or not, as that is the fundamental premise for a successful marriage. Moreover, Kundali Milan also takes into consideration the level of desirability and physical attraction between the partners. This is tested to ensure that there is an adequate level of desirability between the bride and groom, as desirability is mandatory for a successful and long-lasting relationship. 

  • Know Financial Stability

When marriage brings two individuals together, the movements of their respective planets affect not only their own lives but also each other’s lives. This means all the facets of the two individuals’ lives are affected by the celestial bodies. This is why Kundali Milan is done to check the prospective life partners’ financial stability. Kundali matching can also check the financial prospects that the future couple will enjoy. Financial stability is a critical reason why most parents opt to match Kundalis while selecting a life partner for their children. Bhakoot, the seventh guna, indicates this effect in the Kundali. Additionally, Kundali Milan is also important to know whether the movement of the celestial bodies in one’s horoscope is not harming the career growth and progress of the other person. Hence, Kundali matching also looks into job and career prospects. 

  • Look into Childbirth And Bearing Offsprings 

One of the most significant concerns examined during Kundali matching is the chances of childbirth and the well-being and happiness of the children. Nadi, the eighth guna, indicates the chances of bearing offspring and the problems arising around this. Nadi guna carries the maximum points, and thus, it is safe to say that childbirth is given utmost importance as the birth of a child completes the idea of a ‘perfect family’. Additionally, Kundali matching also evaluates the health and well-being of the prospective bride and groom. 

  • Find Credible And Appropriate Solutions

As mentioned above, Kundali Milan is considered a significant aspect to check whether the marriage will succeed or fail in the future. However, there are unfortunate circumstances when two people are head-over-heels in love, but some mismatching elements in the Kundalis hinder the union. If such is the case, then you have nothing to worry about! In such circumstances, if you are consulting with a qualified and genuine astrologer for Kundali Milan, they can offer you solutions and remedies that will remove or alleviate the mismatching elements in the Kundali and will ensure that the couple can enjoy marital bliss.

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The timing or positioning of stars can often be such that they create doshas in a person’s horoscope, such as a Mangal Dosha. Doshas can lead to many problems in marriage. However, they can be detected with the help of Kundali matching. Once detected, an expert astrologer can suggest several upayas (solutions) to overcome its malefic effects. Astrological remedies like performing certain pujas, chanting specific mantras, wearing particular gemstones, etc., are suggested by the astrologer as per the problem or negative condition in the horoscope. However, astrological remedies should only be followed and done as per the advice of a qualified astrologer. Following the astrologer’s guidance will ensure that the mismatched elements and the doshas can get rectified. It can also reduce the harmful effects of the astrological elements and pacify the celestial bodies so that the couple can enjoy conjugal harmony.

Additionally, when you turn to qualified astrologers for Kundali Milan, they can forecast the longevity of the marriage. They can also analyse the planetary positions and inform you of the auspicious date and time for the wedding. Simply put, an expert astrologer can assuage all your worries and answer all your questions. 

Concluding Thoughts

Marriage is a beautiful event in an individual’s life. We all want to find the perfect partner with whom we can create a beautiful life and an abundance of memories. Hence, finding the right life partner is crucial. Marriages won’t be successful if the bride and groom are not capable of living with each other. This is where Kundali matching for marriage is a boon for you. By getting the Kundalis matched, the astrologer can predict the longevity and viability of the marriage, making Kundali matching a necessary step before marriage.

If you are looking to find an astrologer to get Kundalis matched, opt for online Kundali matching. Many trustworthy platforms can help you get in touch with professional astrologers who are experts at Kundali matching.

So, what are you waiting for? Chat with an astrologer online today and find your perfect life partner!

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