What You Need To Know About Foundation Repair

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When you are buying a property and you hope to fix it up, there are a lot of things that you need to focus on. You’ll think about the income you might make when you rent the property out eventually, and you might think about the profit that you could make when you go on to sell. Before you get to the point where you make any money, though, you have to consider the foundations you’re starting out with. 

The foundation is the most important part of a renovation; your home cannot stand up on its own without a great foundation on which to rest. It’s the most vital element of the structure of your home, and when you have a solid foundation, you will be able to build onto it with confidence. Foundation damage is much more common than you might think and it can cost you dearly if you don’t get any damage fixed as quickly as possible. So, what should you know about foundation repair? Let’s take a look!

1. You can see signs of damage

When there is movement in the foundations of your home, the cabinets and counters tend to be away from the walls. The walls move away and are out of level when the foundation has moved, and the cabinets then pull away from the wall as a result. If the floors are bowing throughout the house, the foundations may not be as stable as you think they are – the same if there are gaps around windows and doors. Look for these signs to know if your foundations are damaged.

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2. Bring in the experts

At Pinnacle Foundation Repair, we are experts in foundation repair and can inspect the damage that has occurred. If you spot issues, calling us is the first port of call and as early as possible. We can assess the foundation problems, look at the cracks and help you to determine whether the house is settling or if there are bigger issues.

3. Decide whether to fix – or run!

If the inspection report from your surveyor shows damage you have two options: fix it up, or move onto another property. You can choose to walk away if it’s just not worth the cost, but weighing up your options will really help. Minor problems can be easy to fix, as can the major ones if you choose us as your expert!

4. You might have to reduce the price

You have to be prepared as a seller to sell the property at a reduced price if there is foundation damage! 

Contact Pinnacle Foundation Repair Today

If you are looking for experts in foundations and foundation repair, you should consider Pinnacle Foundation Repair as your expert of choice. We have our own crew of people we train and trust to work with us. Your happiness is our goal and a call to our experts today will get your home as solid and stable as you need it to be to live in it comfortably once more. 

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