‘Wheel of Fortune’ Participant, Tavaris Goes Viral After Yelling The Wrong Answer

Wheel of Fortune is a well-known reality show which airs online. The show is all about quizzes and figuring words out.

Participants are shown hints or letters on the screen and they have to come up with the answer very quickly to win.

On May 23, 2024, one of the episodes aired and that got particularly way too much attention and traction on social media for different reasons.

Now when something gets attention on social media, it’s either because it’s something wrong or something way too funny that people want other people to check it out too, spreading the laugh.

Tavaris Goes Viral After Yelling The Wrong Answer

So, in the ‘toss-up puzzle’ round, letters were slowly appearing on the screen for the participants, and Tavaris, who was one of the contestants, was quick to say, “Right in the butt.” The reason why this thing is deemed to be so funny is because the show is tagged as a family-friendly one, so the answer did not match the tagline.

While Tavaris was answering, his face did have the expression that he thought the answer was wrong, but to stay in the round, he uttered the four-word answer and managed to make everyone laugh.

And also, the answer is not only wrong but very inappropriate for the show.

After answering that, Tavaris got to know the real answer and that was, “This is the best.”

When he got to know that, he made a face that made people laugh even more than usual.

Pat Sajak, who is the host of the game, literally lost his control and started laughing on air as well.

This scene was then posted numerous times on social media. The whole internet is crowded with funny clips and edits from that part of the show which is making Wheel of Fortune trending on the internet currently.

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