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Indian Air Force Day 2021: When is Air Force Day celebrated in India? Date, Current Theme, History, Significance, Celebration, Activities and Everything

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To honour the Indian Air Force, every year Indian Air Force Day is celebrated in the country on 08 October. The day is celebrated with parades and speeches at the Hindon Air Force Station of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The celebration helds in the presence of the Air Force Chief, (PRESENT CHIEF: VR Chaudhari) and some seniors from all three forces.

Let us give you more brief information of Indian Air Force Day, When is Air Force Day celebrated in India? Date, 2021 Theme, History, Significance, Celebration, Activities and Everything.

History, and Significance

You must have a question in your mind, Why 8 October as Air Force Day? Actually, the biggest reason behind celebrating this day on 08 October is that on the same day Indian Air Force, which is also called “Bharatiya Vayu Sena” was formed by the British Rulers in 1932. At that Indian Air Force (IAF) was known as the “Royal Indian Air Force“. Major Stringer Lawrence is known as the father of IAF. The first IAF airstrike happened in Burma and the target was a Japanese military base.

IAF is India’s second-biggest force after Army. As per the latest data of 2017, 1,39,576 personnel are in service with the Indian Air Force.

Talking about some of the biggest missions: here’s a list to take a look

1939-1945World War II
1947–1950First years of independence
1960–1961Congo crisis and Annexation of Goa
1962–1971Border disputes and changes in the IAF
1971Bangladesh Liberation War
1984–1988Incidents before Kargil
1999Kargil War
1999–presentPost Kargil incidents

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Indian Air Force Day 2021 Theme

Touch the sky with Glory” is the motto of IAF, which is inspired from Bhagvad Gita’s11th chapter, where Lord Krishna showing direction to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

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