Which Airlines Have the Best In-Flight Entertainment?

Those days of sitting on an airplane seat and finding yourself with a barely-working touch screen and a pitiful selection of the same old movies have long gone. Air travel has come a long way from its early days, and today, airlines are equipped with a range of in-flight entertainment options that can make journeys enjoyable and bearable. From movies, music, and TV shows to games and in-flight WiFi services like SpiritWiFi, in-flight entertainment has now become an integral part of air travel.

In-flight entertainment has become an essential amenity of air travel, and any airline that doesn’t have a top-notch in-flight entertainment system fails to impress the passengers. Below, we have mentioned some airlines that are leading the way in providing top-notch in-flight entertainment to their passengers.


Emirates is at the top of the list among all the airlines worldwide for providing the best in-flight entertainment to passengers. Emirates ICE (Information, Communication, and Entertainment) entertainment system is considered one of the most advanced in-flight entertainment systems among the airlines. Through the ICE entertainment system, passengers can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music, live news updates, and sports events.

The standout feature of the Emirates in-flight entertainment system is its vast content library. There are as many as 4500 different channels, including a wide range of international films, TV series, and music, so there is something for everyone. Passengers can also enjoy different video games to keep themselves entertained on flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Oryx One system comes in second, and after Emirates, it is one of the top in-flight entertainment systems in the world. Qatar Airways places a strong emphasis on in-flight entertainment, and their Oryx One systems are real-life proof of that. Their system offers a wide variety of content and features so that you can stay entertained during flights.

The Oryx One system has a broad range of movies, TV shows, music from various genres, and a dedicated family-friendly section for kids. The content on their systems is updated regularly to keep up with the latest releases. To enhance the experience, the airline also provides noise-canceling headphones.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is renowned worldwide for its exceptional in-flight entertainment system. Their in-flight entertainment system is called the KrisWorld IFE system and is renowned for its content variety and quality. The KrisWorld IFE system is user-friendly and has a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and music.

The Singapore Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system is famous for having many international films and 3D video games. The KrisWorld system is accessible via both a touchscreen handset and a personal 11.1-inch touch-screen monitor. For an immersive viewing experience, the airline also provides passengers with noise-canceling headphones.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is also famous for its modern and extensive in-flight entertainment system. The airlines provide passengers with an array of entertainment options to keep them engaged throughout their flights. The airline not only provides a great selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games but also has a communication section that allows passengers to send and receive SMS and emails, much like T-Mobile’s in-flight WiFi and communication system.

The airline also provides passengers with comfortable headphones for an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Cathay Pacific

Although Cathay Pacific is not as big a name as other airlines mentioned on the list, it takes its in-flight entertainment system seriously. Cathay Pacific’s StudioCX provides travelers with a wide selection of content to enhance their travel experience. The entertainment system features some of the most recent and popular films, along with a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and video games. The airline is highly commended by travelers for its in-flight entertainment and the quality and variety of content that it offers.

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