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Which of the 7 Types of Business Students Are You?

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A business student studies to get a university diploma in Business Administration. There are different types of business students. During their course of study, they develop a good understanding of a variety of subjects including logistics, marketing, international business, organizational behavior, project management, human resource, information technology, accounting, and finance.

Business degrees are available to students at three levels such as a doctorate, graduate, and undergraduate. If you are planning to become a business student but don’t have an exact idea of how to get started, then this write-up is for you.

Different types of business students should opt for different course schedules to earn their degrees. Before you do so, make sure to identify which type you are. Here you will explore the seven types.

The Executive

Are you working in a technical role at the moment? Do you enjoy your work? In the Executive type, you will have to manage people working in different companies and organizations. If you have got good management skills, then you are ready to fit in this particular role.

If you are not currently serving as a manager, get ready to take on a managerial role. Managers should possess the right abilities to better fulfill their roles. Some of the important qualities you are expected to have as a manager include decision making, motivating team members, delegation, problem-solving, technical abilities, and social skills.

There are different courses available that you can take to become a better manager. If you don’t have enough time and resources, I suggest you go through helpful guides available online. Checking the Facebook case study should be productive in this regard. You can opt to check out case studies to get an in-depth understanding of the business administration. A few interesting reads can be of great help.

The Traditionalist

If you want to play as a traditionalist in the field of business, then you need to develop strong technical expertise and build a good basis in business. You may not be working in a similar role currently, but you will have to fight a battle among other MBAs. There will be many other students with the same level of education. 

Being a traditionalist, you should try to expand your professional circle by conducting informational interviews. If you want to excel in the business arena, then consider doing volunteer work. Make sure to opt for the field that you wish to continue working in. make connections with people working in a similar role. Learn skills from experienced business professionals.

The Test Driver

A test driver is not sure about starting a degree in business administration. Being a test driver, you might have lots of doubts in your mind. You need more time to understand the benefits and risks involved in doing a master’s degree in business administration.  

Before you embark on your business education journey, make sure you are ready for it. Understand that you will be spending thousands of dollars on tuition fees and there’ll be extra on-campus expenses that you will have to bear. You might have to take a loan to bear all the educational expenses.

If you have analyzed everything and made up your mind to do an MBA, then you can enroll to attend classes either online or on-campus. Conducting informational interviews of folks working in the relevant sector is crucial to understand every aspect. You can also schedule one-on-one meetings with people who are experienced in the business industry.

The Career Shifter

The situation of career shifters is not that different from the traditionalist. However, the career choice for the career shifter is not overwhelmed with MBAs. It means he won’t have to face high competition. He can easily develop an advanced understanding of business administration by exploring relevant materials on the web. There are many authentic websites providing true information on businesses. You can check the historical data and stats to get a hold of the commercial industry.

There are published interviews available that he can go through. A traditional MBA is a good fit for a student falling in the career shift category.

The Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not common among business students. Very few people are up for this category. This is hard to climb a cliff and not everyone thinks to be an entrepreneur. Students who are willing to start their businesses fall into this category.

You may not be clear on what sort of business you should start. Give yourself time and explore different ideas. Analyze your interests and evaluate which track you want to go for the rest of your life. There are plenty of business ideas in the world. Check them out and find yours until you complete your degree.

The Accelerator 

The accelerator is one of the important types of business students who is happy to continue working in the current field. He doesn’t think about switching to somewhere else. However, his focus is on building a strong reputation and high technical abilities. You might not know that there are students who are both accelerators and executives. 

An accelerator is suggested to expand his exposure in the same field. For instance, if you are currently working as a marketer, make sure to be acquainted with all areas of digital marketing. You can take several courses on this and make yourself a master in the marketing industry. Many universities offer courses on digital marketing specialization. You can opt for the one that best fits your study and budget requirements.

The Explorer

An explorer is a student who is uncertain to invest in this education field. Yet, he is interested in pursuing a career in the business industry. The explorer is free to explore opportunities in different industries such as nonprofit administration, international development, and social entrepreneurship. Being an explorer, you are free to choose your career goals without putting any burden on your shoulders.

The explorer after getting his business education plans his future goals. There are manifold opportunities available in the professional arena. You can opt for the one that you think is suitable for your bright professional career.

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