Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, The Singer Behind, ‘Bado Badi’?

So Bado Badi has joined hands with some of our favorite audios like “Kacha Badam,” “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai,” “Pooja, what is this behavior?” and more. These audios are generally used in Instagram Reels to make memes out of them, and they provide a good laugh to people.

Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is a famous Pakistani singer who is behind the creation of this song.

This song has blown up all over the internet and is now the content of cringe reels and videos that are getting posted on Instagram/Snapchat.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, the singer, has been the center of attention ever since 2020.

Some of his songs turn out to be cringe-worthy and something that just attracts people to make memes out of.

Because of his songs, he has also been invited to shows like “Jani Ki Shah,” “Public Demand” with Mohsin Abbass Haider, “Honest Hour” podcast, and more.

Currently, the singer is 56, and he is gaining attention all over social media because of his screen presence and the songs he has created.

The main attraction of this song is basically how catchy the song has been sung. The music video looks sleek, something that was created in the years 2000s, and the way the two actors in the video are swaying makes the video a comic attraction to all viewers.

“Ay haye oy hoye bado badi” is an extremely famous and well-known song for the time being.

All of the memes and online users are now obsessed with the tune of the song.

The actress who was seen in the music video with Chahat also received loads of attention online because of her presence in the same.

All of these factors have made Chahat Fateh Ali Khan a trending personality in Pakistan and global media as well.

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