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Who is Ersilia Campbell after her blackface rant video in the Target Colorado store goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram



Who is Ersilia Campbell after her blackface rant video in the Target Colorado store going viral on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram

In a shocking turn of events, a video of a woman named Ersilia Campbell appearing with blackface and passing derogatory comments related to the American Flag and the LGBTQ community is going viral all over social media. 

In the video, Ersilia Campbell can be seen walking in a Target store with blackface, leaving employees and customers shocked. Here we are gonna find out who Ersilia Campbell is and what the fuss is all about. Keep scrolling-

Who is Ersilia Campbell? Watch her video going viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram 

As mentioned above, her rant video has been going viral all over social media. In the video, she can be seen entering the Target store in Colorado and asking for the location of the Pride section despite the Pride month has long ended in June. Later she went off passing offensive comments related to an American flag and Pride Month flag.


Her comments left the employees stunned with no response. She wasn’t only acting strange at the Target store, alter she was seen at the Starbucks store wearing Trump stickers. 

ersilia campbell blackface rant video

There Ersilia Campbell stated she has been fired from her job a the post office and remained quite behind her departure. As the video went viral, a notice at the US Postal Inspection Service was also shared where it was stated that she did work but quit her job and started abusing her co-workers and trespassing on the property. 

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Ersilia Campbell stated, she started abusing her co-worker because they were  “some of the most lonely, unhappy, trashy, lazy people” she had ever met.


Ersilia Campbell’s background

Not much is known about her background, the only thing that was made public about her is that she worked as Operations Supervisor at the United States Postal Service. 


Full NameErsilia Campbell
Incident LocationTarget store, Aurora, Colorado
ActionsShowed up in blackface, demanded to know about Pride section
Wore Trump stickers at Starbucks
Employment HistoryOperations Supervisor at United States Postal Service
Online ExpressionExpressed dissatisfaction with former coworkers online
Post Office EmploymentFired from the post office in February
Post office issued a trespassing notice
Her termination reasons were unspecified
Public ReactionOutrage and concern over her behavior and attitudes
Raised questions about her motives and mindset
Highlighted the importance of understanding and tolerance


Who is Ersilia Campbell and what is the viral video about?

Ersilia Campbell is an individual who gained attention due to a viral video showing her appearing in blackface and making derogatory comments related to the American Flag and the LGBTQ community. The video was filmed at a Target store in Colorado where she made offensive remarks and later appeared at a Starbucks store wearing Trump stickers.

What is Ersilia Campbell’s background and employment history?

Ersilia worked as an Operations Supervisor at the United States Postal Service. She mentioned in the video that she was fired from her job and shared negative opinions about her former co-workers.


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