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Who is Lauren Maenner? The rumored girlfriend of Nick Bosa as their photos go viral on the internet 



Read to know more about Lauren Maenner. The rumoured girlfriend of Nick Bosa as their photos go viral on the internet

If you follow football, you must have seen the photos of Nick Bosa and Lauren Maenner going viral on the internet. The photos are trending all over the internet, confirming that the famous American footballer is in a romantic relationship with the model.

Additionally, Lauren attended his match in Philadelphia and showed her support for her partner by wearing jersey No. 97 while sitting with the audience. Here, we will delve into the story and find out more about the rumored girlfriend of Nick Bosa. Keep scrolling—

Read to know more about Lauren Maenner

She is a famous Instagram model with 23,000 followers on her Instagram account. Recently, she shared many photos from the match and even received a green signal from Bosa’s mother, Cheryl Bosa.

Caption- @laurenmaenner/Instagram

Cheryl Bosa reposted one of Lauren’s photos where she can be seen wearing a jersey with No. 97. She captioned her story with, ‘Representing! Go 49ers!!!’. Back in October, she confirmed her son’s relationship by posting a picture of Maenner with Amanda Kassdikian, the girlfriend of Cheryl’s eldest son and LA Chargers linebacker, Joey Bosa.

Caption- @laurenmaenner/Instagram

Apart from that, she often posts pictures of Lauren on her Instagram account. One time, she posted a photo of Lauren wearing a jacket with “Bosa” written on the back during the match at Levi’s Stadium.

The rumors about their relationship started to emerge during the summer. Lauren Maenner is a famous model signed with Next Model Management in Miami and The Industry in Los Angeles.

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In July, Bosa made an appearance on her social media handles, cosying up with the model. This fueled the rumors that they may be romantically linked with each other.


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