Who is Rishi Sunak? Indian-Origin Politician And Nearly New Prime Minister Of The UK

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Rishi Sunak, a republican of Indian descent, is a contender for the position of next British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Boris Johnson. On July 8, 2022, Sunak, whose departure as UK Finance Minister later this week led to a string of voluntary turnover in the Boris Johnson-led administration, formally announced his candidacy for the position.

Rishi Sunak Supremacy

All over the globe, Rishi Sunak’s name is quite famous and his supremacy can be felt as well. He has made India proud in the territories beyond the country. Rishi Sunak may not be born in India, but holds his deep roots in India. Rishi Sunak is running to be the next leader of the Conservative Party & their Prime Minister, the Conservative party member declared in a campaign commercial. The 42-year-old tied knots with Narayana Murthy, who is the co-founder of the multinational IT firm, Infosys. He has pledged to uphold the rights of women, repair the economy, and restore public faith in government as well, as he begins his campaign.

Know About Rishi Sunak

Indian parents who immigrated to the United Kingdom from East Africa gave birth to Rishi Sunak there. Rishi’s grandfather had left the Indian territory of Punjab and went to the territory of Eastern Africa before surviving and settling in the territory of the UK. Rishi completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University. Before that, he opted for studying psychology, economics, and finance at Lincoln College situated in Oxford.

While attending Stanford, Rishi got to know Akshata Murty, the woman he decided that he would later marry. Akshata is the daughter of N.R. Narayana Murthy, an Indian business magnate and the creator of the Information Technology firm, Infosys. He got the chance to enter parliament in 2015 for the first time from Richmond, Yorkshire. However, Rishi had been the Under-Secretary of State in the parliament for Local Government during the time of Theresa May’s second round of administration.

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