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Who is Sanjeev Mukhiya, The Mastermind Behind NEET UG 2024 Paper Leak

A big cheating scandal on an important medical entrance test, NEET-UG, has surprised everyone. Each day, more surprising facts are coming out.

The person, mastermind thought to be behind the cheating, is Sanjeev Mukhiya from Bihar. He is also known as Sanjeev Singh or only Mukhiya, and has a long history of involvement in exam fraud, reported The ET.

Who is Sanjeev Mukhiya?

Sanjeev Mukhiya is a former employee at a Noorsarai Horticulture College in Nalanda. He is suspected of sharing the NEET-UG test questions illegally.

Investigators from the Economic Offenses Unit and Patna police have connected Mukhiya and his son, Dr. Shiv Kumar (also known as Bittu), to the scandal.

They searched Mukhiya’s home but couldn’t find him.

His son, Bittu, is already in custody for allegedly leaking test questions for a different exam related in Bihar.

History of Exam Fraud and Criminal Network

Sanjeev Mukhiya has been involved in exam fraud for over 20 years.

Earlier, he worked with a group of people who illegally helped aspirants pass exams led by a man named Ranjit Don. Later, Mukhiya started his own group to do the same thing.

Sanjeev and his son got in trouble in the past for sharing test questions from NEET 2017.

Involvement in NEET Leak

A big issue escalated as many students got a perfect score of 720 in the NEET-UG exam. At first, everyone thought it was because of extra grace marks given due to a mistake in one of the questions and some logistical problems.

However, the police in Bihar looked into it further and found out that something more serious had happened.

According to them, someone had shared the exam questions with some students a day before the exam.

According to the authorities, Mukhiya got the questions and answers from a unknown professor and then shared them with certain students through mobile phones.

Latest Update

Currently, the police are still trying to catch Mukhiya. They are continuously searching.

As per reports, Mukhiya might have run away to Nepal, making it hard to bring him back to India.

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