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Who Is The ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl? Here’s All About The New Internet Sensation

So we all know the trend all over the internet, where random people get asked random questions while walking down the streets. Sometimes the questions turn out to be wholesome, like how they met their significant other, while others are just funny and awkward.

Who Is The ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl?

This meme originates from one of the quarantine trend videos. While people were walking down the street, the creator of the video asked them, “What’s one thing you can do to make a guy go wild?”

This question was asked to two women who were walking. One of them answered in a very funny manner. With a southern accent, she said, “Oh, you gotta give him that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing.”

Now ‘Hawk tuah’ is just a mimicry of spitting, and the way she yelled it out quickly made her an internet sensation, winning the hearts of many meme creators. Soon, the internet was full of memes related to the ‘hawk tuah’ sound.

The video became so popular that footage of the girl is now being used as a green screen to imitate other videos and clips. Many people found this so funny that they wanted to find out who the girl was. People love her comments and are impressed with how she replicated the situation.

Many people thought they had found her, but the girl who was getting tagged said she was not the one in question. The identity of the girl remains a mystery, adding more fun to the whole situation as people continue to enjoy the memes.

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Shreshtha Banerjee

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