Who is Wajdan Rao, The Actress In the ‘Bado Badi’ Music Video?

The bado badi song went viral on the internet and it is famous solely for two very important reasons. First, because of the unsynced way of singing the song to the track, and the next is because of the music video with which the song has been posted. So the song has Chahat Fateh Ali Khan in it alongside Pakistani actress, Wajdan Rao.

Who is Wajdan Rao?

She is a substantially important part of the music video. Wajdan has attracted loads of people through her performance in the song as well.

Now, no one knows a lot about her though. Wajdan is a Pakistani actress with roots in India. Her mother is Indian, with her roots in Punjab.

That’s the reason why she has actively taken part in this song.

The term bado badi means doing something forcefully.

So Wajdan has gained loads of attention also for acting so well in this song. She has also been brutally trolled online for tagging along in this song.

Wajdan said,

“People did not know about Bado Badi. Bado Badi is a Punjabi word that means Zabardasti (forcefully). I get many messages from India asking whether I am from Punjab. I tell them yes I am from Punjab but from India. My mother is a Punjaban and very close to the Sikh community.”

Later, she opened up that she took part in this song desperately because she needed money to buy things for Eid.

The music video was giving her money, hence she took part in it.

This is Wajdan’s first-ever music video with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan.

She has acted in web series and Pakistani shows in the past as well. But this is her first widescale media work which has been posted online and she has received attention for the same online.

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