Who will make it out of Group E in the qualification for Euro 2024: a preview

The selection of the European Football Championship 2024 started in the second half of March 2023. 12 months after the start, the tournament will be completed and 20 of the 53 participating teams will receive tickets to the final stage of the competition.

The Czech Republic, Poland, Albania, Moldova and the Faroe Islands are in Group E and are fighting for two tickets to the next round. Based on the March results, we can more accurately predict which national teams will take first and second place in the quintet.

Czech Republic

The “People’s Team” started confidently in the current tournament, having won in the first round against the Poles with a score of 3:1. It was possible thanks to accurate shots by Ladislav Krejci, Tomasz Chvanchara and Jan Kukhta. Then the Czechs went to Chisinau, where they sensationally painted a “dry” world peace with Moldova. In terms of play, the guys of Yaroslav Shilgavy looked a cut above, but the ball stubbornly did not climb into the net of the Moldovan goal. As a result, after two fights, the “locomotive” is located at the top of the table ahead of Poland by one credit point.

The Czechs have a well-played team that works well in terms of play. The group “locomotive” caught is not too formidable and the main competitor in the fight for the first place, most likely, will be the Polish “white eagles”. At the same time, after the home victory, Tomasz Soucek and the company have excellent chances of winning the qualifying group stage.


“White Eagles” in the first round of the current tournament lost without a chance in Prague to the Czechs – 1:3. Damian Szymanski scored a prestige goal for the Poles, but it did not help to get at least one point in the away battle. Then Robert Lewandowski and partners took Albania in Warsaw and were stronger thanks to the only accurate shot by Karol Swiderski in the 41st minute of the match. After two matches played, the wards of Fernando Santos are on the second line in the group. Being one point behind the Czechs, the “white-reds” were just as ahead of the third Moldova.

The Poles have a fairly strong squad, but the White-Reds occasionally misfire. The quintet of the “white eagles” is not particularly difficult and it is quite possible for Poland to be in the deuce. True, for this it is necessary to properly score points.


“Mountain Eagles” in the March segment played only one match. In Warsaw, Albania minimally lost to the Poles, conceding a single goal towards the end of the first half. The Red-Blacks made three shots on target against Wojciech Szczesny, but failed to score. As a result, the Albanians settled down at the bottom of the standings. There is still a lot of time ahead for the Silvinho team to rectify the situation. However, it will not be easy for the team to impose a fight on the Czechs and Poles for the first two lines.

The Red-Blacks have a number of strong players in their roster, but in terms of team play, the Mountain Eagles are not very stable. So it will be difficult for Albanians to rise above third place. If you want to bet on the qualification of the European Championship 2024, we recommend that you do it on mostbet online.


The Blue-Yellow-Reds are one of the outsiders of Group E, but in the starting two rounds the team managed to get hold of points. At first, Sergei Kleshchenko’s guys were unable to overcome the Faroe Islands, restoring parity only in the 87th minute thanks to a penalty kick converted by Ion Nicolaescu. Then Moldova somewhat unexpectedly signed a “dry” peace with the Czechs in Chisinau.

Vadim Rata and company have a lot of difficult games ahead and it will be difficult for the team to rise above the fourth place. At the same time, Moldova has already got hold of credit points and the current selection can no longer be called a failure for the Blue-Yellow-Reds.

Faroe islands

In the spring of 2023, the Rybaki played only one match, in which they were able to draw with Moldova on the road. Mads Mikkelsen put the Red-Blue-Whites ahead in the 27th minute. The guys of Hokan Erikson defended well, but at the end of the match they conceded from the penalty spot.

It is not worth expecting special achievements from the Faroe Islands. Most likely, the “red-blue-whites” will compete with Moldova in order not to finish in the last place in the selection.

Our forecast

The Faroe Islands and Moldova can already be written off, as these national teams do not look very competitive in terms of play. Albania will try to wedge into the fight for the deuce, but, most likely, the maximum for the “red-blacks” will be the third line. The Czech Republic and Poland are very likely to take first and second place, respectively.

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