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Why #BoycottGermany Trending on Twitter: The Viral Case of 2-Year-Old Ariha

Explore the trending #BoycottGermany on Twitter, uncovering the viral case of 2-year-old Ariha, sparking debates and protests. Stay informed.

If you are on Twitter then you must have seen #BoycottGermany trending all over the social media platform. People are sparking a debate on social media to reunite a 2-year-old baby girl with her parents. The reason behind the trending hashtag is to show support to a couple who are unable to meet their biological daughter.

The intriguing part is that many users are commenting on the hashtag without actually knowing its origin.

 Why is #BoycottGermany trending the Twitter?

The case involves a 2-year-old baby girl named Ariha who has been taken away and her parents, Dhara and Bhavesh.

The story began when a married couple Dhara and Bhavesh, along with their daughter Ariha, traveled to Germany, on a work visa. In September 2021, Ariha got injured near her genital area.

After taking her to the hospital, upon examination, a medical officer alleged that she had been sexually abused. Shockingly, in June 2022, the German court condemned Dhara and Bhavesh for their own child’s sexual abuse and ordered to sent Ariha in foster care until she reached adulthood.

Since then, her parents have been unable to see her and have been actively fighting a battle to reclaim their child. A campaign was also started by the couple urging the Indian government to intervene in the matter.

Her parents were granted visitation rights but were only allowed to meet her once every fortnight.

Protests were organized at India Gate in Delhi due to the behavior of German authorities. The case has raised many questions about the rights of parents as well as the cultural rights of individuals in both countries. We urge our readers not to believe any fake stories circulating online until there is a new update on the case.

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