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Why Digital Marketing Matters & How It’s Shift during This COVID-19 Pandemic

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As Covid -19 pandemic hitting globally across the globe and it has crippled the businesses & market on many levels. At the same time, there comes a small ray of hope as increased internet usage and people are moving towards digital platforms. Digital marketing is playing a vital role for many businesses.

Online Engagement

In this pandemic period, consumer behavior and preferences are shifted drastically to the internet world. Especially during the lockdown people spending an amount of time at home that reflects in spending more time online. Businesses have a better chance of getting people attention than in normal times and many business owners

making use of this opportunity to unlock  & expanding their operations through digital platforms to reach more customers.

A New Normal is being established and new behaviors of consumers like door-step delivery, taking classes online are being established.

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Social Media

When everyone at home social media plays a crucial role in online engagement. As a result, social media usage has peaked. This means that marketers have an extraordinary opportunity to continue to keep their organizations updated on audience sentiment and behavior, using the wealth of insights available through social data.

Social media marketing is a highly effective digital strategy in finding the correct audience and targeting them accurately. Businesses those have established social media presence will reap the rewards. Social media strategy is worth investing in in this pandemic period and it’s also important to stay top of your own business/brand data, post content timely & frequently, and identify your best opportunities for business.

Organic traffic

Search engine optimization has always been a significant & crucial role in online marketing strategy. During this COVID-19 pandemic, SEO efforts are amplified with more users searching online and continuing to witness engagement during this time.

According to a Search Engine Land article “63% of businesses surveyed said SEO would gain importance in their business going forward and 66% saw organic search as the top-performing channel”

Content is still key that naturally drives more traffic to your site. Also, it helps you identify highly qualified leads for your business. Before, people who are listening to the radio are now asking voice assistants. Therefore, the search engine is going to become very important in this digital world. One of the key & main advantage of SEO over SEM is that is free. However, it takes a significant amount of time to watch the results.

If your businesses haven’t worked on SEO over time, you may not be getting benefits right now. But, this is the right time and you have an opportunity to invest time in SEO that will worth it down the line.

Video Marketing

With the advent of Covid-19, video marketing is a key component of an effective online marketing strategy. According to the research shows that “people are more likely to finish watching a 30-minute video than they are to finish reading a blog”.  This is the right time to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. If you don’t have time on your own, there are many professional agencies are craft viral-worthy content that can generate higher ROI.  Don’t fear to give experiments and pay attention to view, engagement, and shares.

A study estimated that by 2022, 82% of all content creation will be video. By the end of 2020, the average person will watch 100 minutes of video content per day.

Transparency and Personalization

People are expecting & more demanding transparency from business, and that’s especially during these unprecedented times. People looking at how your brand responding & deal with this pandemic, what solutions you’re providing and how you are ensuring the safety and well-being of customers and employees. Personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success and go a long way in gaining customer loyalty. Businesses hope to be in a position to deliver value to both their customers and their brands.

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Looking forward

Digital marketing paves the way to reach thousands of customers within a limited set budget than traditional marketing. Especially in this pandemic, adopting change is the only key to your business success. Digital marketing helps in making a wise decision & taking out the higher return on cost and time you invest. Therefore, digital marketing solutions are best for reaching their audience & leverage strategic action to nurture with this digital era.

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